9 Types Of Photos To Keep Off Social Media

There are limits to how much of your awesome life you should be showing off to the entire world on social media. Some of it is for safety reasons, and some of it’s for personal reasons (remember those awkward photos of you when you were 18?). Here are 9 types of photos you should avoid posting on social media for your own good:

  1. Nudes. I’d like to think we all know this, but when models and celebrities are flashing side-boob and booty (or the rest of themselves), it may seem like an awesome idea to do the same to boost your popularity. Bad idea. Keep in mind it can be tacky and used against you by someone else.
  2. Anything that has your address or personally identifying information. Although it’s true that anyone who really wanted to find you probably could, you don’t need to help them — especially if you’re posting photos about being on vacation or away from home for any length of time. Don’t invite thieves to your empty home.
  3. Anything that shows you getting drunk/high.Consider what a potential employer might think if somehow they saw a photo of you smoking weed or getting sloppy drunk. Save it for your cell phone and not for the public.
  4. Anything just downright rude. You’re entitled to your opinion, and you should never stifle your freedom of speech, but sometimes we cross the line and post photos that are purely meant to insult or belittle someone else. Be a better person than that!
  5. A million selfies. You’re a sexy woman and want the world to know it, but the more selfies you post, the more desperate you seem. Plus, everyone knows you took that same shot 67472992756 times before you decided your nose looked good. Just stop.
  6. Endless photos of you and your boyfriend kissing. A few are cute, a thousand mean I’m unsubscribing, because clearly you two don’t do anything but suck face.
  7. Revenge photos. Have you ever seen that girl who just got cheated on and proceeded to post every inappropriate photo of her ex that she could find? Personal ones, embarrassing ones, just downright weird ones? Yeah… don’t be that girl.
  8. A million gym photos. If you’re proud of yourself, that’s awesome! Flaunt that muscle… but maybe not every day, from seven different angles, with barely any clothes on? We thought your biceps were killer in the first shot, but by the fifth, we were over them, OK?
  9. Photos someone else wouldn’t want posted. Some people are really sensitive about photos or just don’t want to be on social media at all. Make sure you ask before you blast someone else’s picture all over the Internet — you would want them to do the same for you!
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314