’90s Charcuterie Boards Are The Ultimate Snacking Pleasure

All charcuterie boards are A+ in my book. The chance to put a ton of different snacks in one place for nonstop grazing? I’m into it. However, if you’re not in the mood for standard meats, cheeses, and fruit, you might want to try to make your own ’90s charcuterie board filled with some of the tastiest sweet and savory goodies from what is inarguably the best decade ever.

  1. Who doesn’t love ’90s snacks? The idea comes courtesy of Instagrammer @dreamboardsco who created their own ’90s charcuterie board as part of a challenge set up by Chrissy Teigen. They filled their board with some pretty amazing stuff, from Nacho Cheese Doritos and Dunkaroos to Pop Rocks and Hubba Bubba. So good!
  2. I can think of so many other things to put on there. While obviously a lot of ’90s snacks are no longer on the market, there are still plenty that were pretty high on my list as a kid. I’d probably put Little Debbie snack cakes on mine and maybe some Teddy Grahams, for starters. Oreos have to be on there as well (though those aren’t really a ’90s snack, they’re more timeless).
  3. This is a junk food lover’s paradise. To be honest, you don’t really need an excuse to make a ’90s charcuterie board, but if you do want to make yourself feel a bit better, Halloween is coming up and there’s never a better time to stuff yourself with loads of candy and snacks that aren’t necessarily healthy but are definitely tasty.
  4. Use your imagination – there’s no one way to make these! You can literally put whatever you want on your board. Hell, if the ’90s aren’t your thing, you can pick at totally different decade to use as a theme for your board. Go for it!
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