Absolut Cilantro Vodka Exists To Elevate Your Drinks — Or Totally Ruin Them

Absolut Cilantro Vodka Exists To Elevate Your Drinks — Or Totally Ruin Them Absolut

When it comes to cilantro, you’re either a lover or a hater. Personally, I could put it on nearly everything and be perfectly happy. I love the fresh zestiness it brings to everything from curries to salads, but I know plenty of people who think it tastes like soap and absolutely hate it. I’m sad for them because it means they won’t get to enjoy Absolut’s new cilantro vodka which sounds absolutely delicious.

  1. Apparently, 14% of the world’s population hates cilantro. While that’s far from being the majority of people, it does seem quite high, to be honest. That means 14% of people miss out on what’s actually a pretty dynamic flavor, but I suppose there are other tastes to enjoy in the world…
  2. It doesn’t just taste like cilantro. While that’s the overwhelming flavor of Absolut’s new vodka flavor, it also includes lime to balance things out a bit. According to the Absolute website, “The distinctively aromatic cilantro combines with playful notes of ripe, juicy limes, and finishes with a subtle hint of herbaceous spice.” That’s actually my ideal drink!
  3. It would go really well in a Bloody Mary. While you could totally drink Absolut Cilantro straight-up, if that’s your thing, you can also put it into vodka-containing cocktails. One of the most popular ways of using it is in your next Bloody Mary, where the flavors would meld super well with tomato juice, celery, etc.
  4. This is definitely a love/hate Absolut flavor, but I’m a lover! I haven’t actually tried it yet because I didn’t even realize it existed until now. However, now that I know it’s out there, I’m sold and I’m sure this will become my new favorite flavor. I probably wouldn’t bring a bottle of this to parties or anything because you’ll probably make a lot of your friends kinda angry, but if you have a cilantro lover in your life, definitely get them this.

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