Haunted House Customer Shoots Performer Because He ‘Got Scared’

Haunted House Customer Shoots Performer Because He ‘Got Scared’ Myrtle Beach Police

A man was arrested after he shot a haunted house performer because he was “scared.” Keal Latrelll Brown visited the Hollywood Wax Museum Haunted House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but freaked out and opened fire on one of the workers, Fox News reports.

  1. Brown was with a group of people at the time of the incident. While all of them were scared by the performer, it was Brown who shot the victim. “One person in the group fell to the ground, and during the scramble, a gun slid back and struck Brown in the foot,” Myrtle Beach Police said in a Facebook post.
  2. Brown claimed he thought the gun was a prop. Brown told investigators that he believed the gun on the floor was a prop and part of the show. So, he picked it up off the floor and fired it twice, striking the victim once in the shoulder.
  3. He was caught pretty quickly. Soon after the incident, Brown was named as a suspect and was arrested by authorities near Charleston. It’s unclear how the situation at the haunted house ended, but he clearly decided to leave rather than wait for authorities.
  4. Brown wasn’t actually charged with the shooting… at least not yet. He was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for supposedly giving the gun to a minor after he shot the performer. Police note, however, that more charges are “likely” to follow as they continue their investigation.

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