Was It An Actual Date Or Were You Just “Hanging Out”? Here’s How To Tell

Was It An Actual Date Or Were You Just “Hanging Out”? Here’s How To Tell ©iStock/vitapix

Between texting, Facebook, Snapchat and Tinder, it’s way too easy to have a casual conversation with just about anyone. So when you and your crush are chatting and he asks you to hang out, it may be hard to tell whether he’s asking you on a date or just trying to stave off boredom. The line can be blurry — ask yourself these questions to get some clarity:

  1. Did he initiate the plan? If the guy actually takes the initiative to reach out to you and make a solid plan, chances are he’s already stepped way out of his comfort zone to spend some time with you. So far, the signs are pointing to “date.”
  2. Have the two of you ever hung out alone before? If you guys have a weekly movie tradition, this probably won’t be a determining factor – but if you usually hang out in groups and this was the first time you’ve been alone, he was looking for some one-on-one time, which probably means he’s into you. Date!
  3. Was he nervous? Nerves are definitely an indication that your plans were meant to be more than just “hanging out.” If he seemed to be a little shaky or even stuttered or rambled a bit, there’s a good chance he’s nervous!
  4. Did he give you 100% of his attention? If it was a date, his sole purpose would’ve been to get to know you better. If he wasn’t distracted on his phone but was present in your conversation and laughed at your jokes (even the stupid ones), he’s smitten… Date!
  5. Did he pay? If he paid for you both, hands down: it was a date!
  6. Was he being chivalrous? Aside from paying, a guy on a date wants to impress the woman he’s with! Being extra polite, opening doors, letting you go ahead of him and offering a jacket or sweatshirt if you’re cold means he wants to prove to you he’s a perfect gentleman.
  7. Did you compliment you? If he gave you a compliment regarding how nice you look, he definitely wants to be more than friends. This flattery is a sweet way to let you know that he’s into you.
  8. Did he hold your hand? Easy answer: date! Also, being extra-touchy, like putting his hand on the small of your back or putting his arm around you, is a sure sign.
  9. Did he go in for a kiss? A kiss at the end of the night is a definite indication of a date – friends don’t kiss!
  10. Did he try to hook up with you? If he tried to go beyond the kiss and dropped hints all night about hooking up, your plans may have been less of a date and more of a booty call. If he really liked you, he’d want to get into your heart more than your pants (at least, for now).
  11. Did he call or text you later that night? After you part ways, a goodnight text or phone call means he’s still thinking about you, and he wants you to know it. Know what that means? It was a date.
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