Addicted To Acting Out: 10 Signs You’re a Drama Queen

Addicted To Acting Out: 10 Signs You’re a Drama Queen ©iStock/stock_colors

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it can seem like drama follows you around, even if you don’t want it to. For most people, generally avoiding drama is preferable. Except for the ones who are addicted to it like it’s some kind of drug. Not only do these people attract drama, but they thrive on it. They aren’t happy unless they are dealing with some major crisis, and will often seek out and insert themselves into other people’s problems as well. We all know someone like this, and if you don’t, that’s probably because you’re the reigning drama queen in your group. Here’s how to tell if you’re headed down the path to histrionics.

  1. You’re almost always attracted to the “bad boy” or the “player”. You can’t get enough of the guys with a reputation for leaving a trail of broken hearts in their wake. The more people telling you to stay away from him, the more you want him. And it never ends well.
  2. You tend to hold in your feelings until you explode. You might be aware that talking through your issues would be a lot more productive, but there’s something about the blow out fights that result from poor communication that you just can’t give up.
  3. You pick fights on purpose just for the make up sex. Or maybe it’s the angry mid-fight sex you can’t get enough of. Screaming matches are such a turn on, right?
  4. You always need to “take sides” in an argument that has nothing to do with you. You’ve never heard of the concept of staying neutral while your two besties are fighting, and letting them work it out themselves. Switzerland you are not.
  5. Your relationships all tend to be of the whirlwind variety. When you fall, you fall hard. Every emotion is so intense that you’re sure this one has got to be your soul mate. You tend to rush into the serious part of a relationship way too fast, and you never learn from your mistakes.
  6. You’re been in a couple on-again, off-again relationships. You actually enjoy the cycle of breaking up, hating each other, reconciling, thinking everything is great, then breaking up again. You might even think every relationship is like that.
  7. You wallow when things don’t go your way. If there’s a set back in your career, or a guy you like disappears, you’re going to milk it for all it’s worth. So what if you only knew him for a couple weeks? You absolutely deserve to make everyone witness your completely unnecessary mourning period.
  8. You love airing your dirty laundry on social media. Long-winded essays about how once someone wrongs you, they are cut out of your life? Thinly veiled status updates calling out people you don’t like? You’re the master of the passive aggressive social media sneak attack.
  9. You blow little things way out of proportion. You better believe if you feel even the slightest amount of shade from anyone they will be the target of one of your aforementioned social media take downs. And sometimes the poor person at the business end of your wrath has literally no idea what you’re talking about.
  10. Your always in at least one fight with a friend, and you’re never the first one to apologize. Drama queens are never wrong. They can fly off the handle, knocking a bunch of innocent bystanders down in the process, and it’s never their fault. And rather than say the magic words— “I’m sorry”— you’ll hold a grudge until the end of time.
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