Aldi Is Selling Bottled Margarita Wine In Two Different But Equally Delicious Flavors

Now that everyone is spending so much more time indoors, a lot of people are enjoying some “adult beverages” more than normal. While excessive drinking isn’t a good thing under any circumstances, there’s nothing wrong with a tipple or two when times are hard. And now that Aldi is selling Margarita Wine, I don’t even think we need an excuse anymore.

  1. It combines two delicious beverages in one! I love margaritas and I love wine, so bringing the flavor of one of those into the other is just a perfect combination. You can always count on Aldi to bust out some creative, unique, and delicious products like this.
  2. Technically speaking, these are made by Rancho La Gloria Wine Cocktails.┬áSadly, margarita wine isn’t an Aldi creation, but that doesn’t matter! Rancho La Gloria’s drink offerings fit in perfect with the budget supermarket’s current offerings, so it’s a marriage made in heaven.
  3. Margarita wine is available in three different flavors. You can grab a bottle in Original, which tastes like “lime and lemon-curd meringue with a smooth sorbet finish of candied-orange peel” and sounds utterly delicious. There are also Strawberry and Mango variations, meaning you certainly won’t be struggling for choice.
  4. There’s no tequila involved but there is agave wine. Agave wine does come from the same plant as tequila even though it’s not the same thing. Because of their similarities, margarita wine packs an ABV of 13.9%. That’s not just impressive for wine but for Aldi’s alcoholic offerings that aren’t hard liquor.
  5. They’re ready to drink right out of the bottle. Perhaps the best part of margarita wine is that you don’t have to do anything to enjoy it. You literally just grab a bottle off the shelf at Aldi, pay for it (bottles run about $12.99), take it home and pour over ice and then get sipping! It literally couldn’t be simpler, and simple is definitely what we all need right now.
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