Aldi Is Selling Mango Moscato For All You Sweet Wine Lovers

I’m all about being my authentic self and never pretending to be someone I’m not, which is why I’m not even gonna lie and pretend I have a hyper-developed palate that enjoys dry wines. I’m all about the sweet stuff, which is why I’m absolutely dying to try Aldi’s new Mango Moscato. It looks so good!

  1. Aldi knows what’s up when it comes to alcohol. Don’t forget they only recently released Sweet Peach Wine and Pineapple Mimosas, so Aldi isn’t playing when it comes to fulfilling our alcoholic needs. The fact that they keep coming up with such delicious flavors of boozy drinks just shows how dedicated they are to, well, getting us drunk in style.
  2. Mango Moscato is the ultimate fruity drink. Moscato is all about sweet flavors of orange blossom and peaches, so adding a mango flavor to that is a genius move on Aldi’s behalf. The 750ml bottle, which has an orange cap and a little flower design on the bottle, looks good enough to drink all in one go. Alone. Just kidding! (I’m not kidding.)
  3. It’s just rolling out in stores, so keep your eyes peeled. While many shoppers have found the Mango Moscato at their local Aldi stores, it’s only just listed as an Upcoming Find on their website, so it seems like it’s just starting to roll out at locations across the country. You’ll have to keep an eye out for when it hits yours because I’m sure it’s going to sell out in no time.
  4. At $4.99, you can afford to buy a few bottles at once! You can’t beat a bottle of wine that’s less than five bucks, and the fact that this is an extra tasty version of the drink makes it even more worth the price. To be honest, I think I’ll probably get half a case when I see it at my local Aldi. No shame!
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