Amazon Driver Does Customer A Solid By Honoring Request To ‘Hide Packages From Husband’

If you, like many people, have a bit of an Amazon addiction, you probably understand all too well the struggle of trying to hide all the packages you’re receiving from your significant other. One woman went so far as to leave a note for the Amazon delivery driver asking for the parcels to be hidden out of plain sight so that her husband wouldn’t find them. Funnily enough, the female driver did her a solid and actually complied—and the whole thing was caught on camera and uploaded to TikTok!


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  1. The driver left the box behind a shrub. Oklahoma-based student Cherish Longaberger put out the prank doormat, which requested the driver “please hide packages from husband,” not expecting the driver to actually comply. However, when she got home one day, she saw that her driver, Leeza Hall, had left the small box behind a shrub in the front yard. She uploaded footage of the delivery to TikTok with the caption: “My Amazon driver understood the assignment.”
  2. Longaberger bought the mat at Ross Stores about six months ago. However, up until now, no driver actually ever followed the instructions on the mat. Goes to show that Hall pays a lot of attention to detail and is going the extra mile for customer service!
  3. Incidentally, the package was actually for Longaberger’s husband. It wasn’t anything she purchased or needed to keep from him at all! “The package was actually something my husband ordered and it was delivered the day before we saw the tape,” she told the NY Post. “He was asking me if I had gotten it off the porch and I didn’t see any packages, so we checked the Nest camera to see what happened and that’s when we saw her hide it for us and we just died laughing.”
  4. Hall admitted she’s still a bit new to the job. However, no one was blaming her for listening to the mat! In fact, now that Longaberger’s video has nearly 10 million views, she’s been shocked at how positive the overall response has been. “I love how about 99% of the comments on my video have been positive, almost everyone understands it was a joke and meant to be funny,” she told Fox News. “It makes me happy seeing so many people saying nice things about Leeza — the driver. We’ve been chatting on TikTok since the video went viral and she’s a really sweet person. My friends and family just think it’s hilarious.”
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