If You Want To Date An Ambitious Woman, This Is What You Need To Give Her

Ambitious women always have our hearts set on something. We’re always chasing a goal (or several!) and striving to be better versions of ourselves, and we’ll usually stop at nothing to achieve what we’ve set out to do — even when it comes to relationships. We need certain qualities in guys we fall in love with, but when we find them, the sky’s the limit.


Any relationship without support wouldn’t be great anyway, but for ambitious women, it’s an absolute must. We need someone that will be cheering us on as we attempt to move towards whatever goal it is we’re currently chasing. In return, we’re the most supportive partners ever because we want you to succeed just as much as we want it for ourselves.

Someone who challenges us.

Because we’re always setting goals and chasing our next victory, our relationships can’t be routine or predictable, because we’ll get bored. We want someone who’s just as adventurous as we are, if not more, who’ll drive us to be even better than we thought we could be.


A man that can carry an intelligent conversation is sexy as hell. Ambitious women are smart and we need someone who’s our intellectual equal — or at the very least, someone who constantly wants to grow their own knowledge.

Space to maintain our independence.

We need time and space to ourselves to keep doing our own thing, too, so a partner that understands this and doesn’t take it as an insult is everything we could hope for. We like lots of time alone so that we can focus and keep a level head.

Someone who takes genuine interest in our interests

. Just as we always take an interest in the person we’re dating, we want someone who does the same with us. We like to know the person we’re with not only cheers us on in our goal chasing, but actually takes the time to understand why and what we’re working towards.


He needs to be confident about who he is and about his own direction in life. We’ve been ambitious for as long as we can remember, so we really can’t handle someone who doesn’t know what they want out of life or doesn’t have the confidence to go after it. We’re happy to help cheer you along, but we need partners who are at least ready for the level of ambition we possess.

Someone who won’t be intimidated or feel emasculated.

A pet peeve of ours and something we’ve encountered a lot in our dating lives is men who feel emasculated or intimidated by our overall drive and success. It’s not to say we’re all CEOs or superstars, but we live our lives in the fast lane, so having a partner who doesn’t feel like they’re competing with us and knows we’re on the same same team is a must.

Someone who can keep up.

We like men who are just as ambitious as we are. Whether it’s in a competitive sport, an educational pursuit, or slaying his career moves, we’re very attracted to men who can keep up with us by having goals of their own. For ambitious women, nothing beats having the kind of partner who works hard all day on his own passions and comes home happy and fulfilled. After all, when two ambitious people come together, that’s how empires are built.

A true partner in crime.

What ambitious women really need is not just a loving relationship, but someone who will be our best friend and true partner in crime. The best relationship for us will be one where we motivate and support each other in being the best versions of ourselves.

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