If You Want To Date An Ambitious Woman, This Is What You Need To Give Her

Ambitious women always have our hearts set on something. We’re always chasing a goal (or several!) and striving to be better versions of ourselves. We’ll usually stop at nothing to achieve what we’ve set out to do, even when it comes to relationships. We need certain qualities in guys we fall in love with. But, when we find them, the sky’s the limit.

  1. Support and encouragement Any relationship without support wouldn’t be great anyway. But, for ambitious women, it’s an absolute must. We need someone that’s cheering us on as we chase our goals. In return, we’re the most supportive partners ever. We want the person we’re with to succeed just as much as we want it for ourselves.
  2. Someone who challenges us We’re always setting goals and chasing our next victory. That means our relationships can’t be routine or predictable because we’ll get bored. We want someone who’s just as adventurous as we are, if not more. Someone who drives us to be even better than we thought we could be.
  3. Someone who’s intelligent Being able to hold an intelligent conversation is sexy as hell. Ambitious women are smart. We need someone who’s our intellectual equal. At the very least, we need someone who constantly wants to grow their own knowledge. There’s nothing hotter than someone who constantly strives to learn something new.
  4. Space to maintain our independence This is an absolute must. We do not compromise on this. We need time and space to ourselves to keep doing our own thing. This means we need a partner that understands this and doesn’t get an attitude about it. We like lots of time alone so that we can focus and keep a level head. We love spending time with them too, but we can’t pour from an empty cup.
  5. Someone who takes genuine interest in our interests Isn’t that what a relationship is about? Just as we always take an interest in the person we’re dating, we want that in return. That’s not to say we want to date carbon copies of ourselves. There should be elements of our lives and personalities that are different. However, they should at least care about things that are important to us. We, of course, offer the same in return.
  6. Confidence We don’t have time to restore someone’s self-worth. Anyone we date needs to be confident about who they are and what they’re doing in life. We’ve been ambitious for as long as we can remember. We really can’t handle someone who doesn’t know what they want out of life. We also can’t respect someone who doesn’t have the confidence to go after it. We’re happy to help cheer them along, of course. But, we need partners who are at least ready for the level of ambition we possess.
  7. Someone who won’t be intimidated or feel emasculated This is a doozy. It’s a pet peeve of ambitious women and something we’ve encountered a lot in our dating lives. Men who feel emasculated or intimidated by our overall drive and success are a no-go. It’s not to say we’re all CEOs or superstars. However, we live our lives in the fast lane. Having a partner who doesn’t feel like they’re competing with us and knows we’re on the same same team is a must.
  8. Someone who can keep up We like people who are just as ambitious as we are. Whether it’s in a competitive sport, an educational pursuit, or slaying their career moves, we’re very attracted to people who can keep up with us by having goals of their own. For ambitious women, nothing beats having the kind of partner who works hard all day on his own passions and comes home happy and fulfilled. After all, when two ambitious people come together, that’s how empires are built.
  9. A true partner in crime What ambitious women really need is not just a loving relationship, but someone who is our best friend and true partner in crime. The best relationship for us is one in which we motivate and support each other in being the best versions of ourselves.

Why ambitious women sometimes lose interest in dating

As much as we want to find love, we’re not desperate to find it. For this and other reasons, we often bow out of dating altogether unless someone truly special comes along. Here’s why.

  1. We’re legitimately freaking busy. Ambitious women juggle working (sometimes more than one job), household maintenance, personal projects, and time with our friends. When we do have an evening off, we’re exhausted and just want to have a quiet night in with some wine and Netflix. It can be tough to find both the time and the right mindset to date, so sometimes it just feels easier to stay single.
  2. We’re happy with our lives now. We live happy, full lives already, so it’s not really a priority to meet a guy. Those who feel like they’re missing something are the ones searching desperately for companionship. But, some of us know the secret: Complete yourself rather than searching for someone else to complete you. Then, when we do meet an awesome dude, it’s just a happy surprise rather than a necessity.
  3. We really hate it when players waste our time. Anyone who’s come far enough to have a busy successful career but still be single has been through the wringer at least a couple times. It can be hard to maintain your optimism when each guy is worse than the prior one, so we really start to dread dating sometimes and avoid it.
  4. Dates sometimes feel like job interviews and are equally as stressful. No one enjoys job interviews. You’re walking on eggshells, trying to impress someone you don’t know very well, and hoping to be deemed good enough for the opening that was advertised. Dates sometimes feel the same way, especially if it’s a first or second date. After a long day at work, we’d rather just chill than deal with all that pressure.
  5. The thought of getting into a serious relationship is a little scary. Even if it’s exactly what we’re looking for, serious relationships require more patience, selflessness and compromise than we’re used to. Sometimes we avoid dating when we’re happy just being free and doing our own thing.
  6. We experienced hurt and have trust issues. Trust issues aren’t fun for anyone. We don’t want to mistrust guys, but our instinct is to protect ourselves from becoming that vulnerable and getting hurt again. When we have so many other things going on, sometimes the gamble just doesn’t feel worth it.
  7. We don’t want to wear real pants after business hours are over. Pants are so overrated. As soon as we’re done hustling, we want to go home and take them off. If there was a way to skip the part of the dating process that involves putting on actual clothes and leaving the house, we might be a lot more excited about it.
  8. We almost always need to get up early for something. In a world ruled by alarm clocks, it’s hard to find the willpower to give up a few hours of rest for a social function that may or may not be worth it. If you ever had the misfortune of giving up a perfectly good nap/movie night at home only to go on a terrible first date, you know the struggle is real.