250 Amish Men Lift Barn With Their Bare Hands And Move It Across An Entire Farm

The Amish community is incredibly tight-knit, with a big emphasis placed on helping others in whatever way you can. They certainly put that principle to work recently when a group of 250 Amish men came together to lift a full-sized barn with their bare hands and move it all the way across a farm to the other side. It’s one of the most impressive things you’ll ever see!

  1. The Amish rely on manpower, not electrical power. While there are likely machines that could easily make this move for the Amish, they don’t use electricity or other modern inventions and therefore had to rely on good ol’ elbow grease to get ‘er done. It seems having such a large community behind you really came in handy here, so to speak!
  2. The magic happened in Knox County, Ohio. In March 2019, hundreds of Amish men got into their horse-drawn carriages and headed over to Joseph Hochstetler’s farm in order to move the pole barn from one side of the farm all the way to the other. To make things even more difficult, the move was happening in the dead of winter! That can’t have been easy.
  3. They picked it up in one piece and moved it more than 200 feet. The men all gathered their strength and lifted the barn in unison, picking it up in one piece and carrying it nearly 200 feet before setting it down in its new spot. The barn was undamaged and looks great in its new spot.
  4. The whole thing took less than five minutes. Perhaps the craziest part of this whole story is that with 250 men holding up an entire barn and moving it, setting it down across the farm took literally less than five minutes. The women in the community watched on while they completed the task and commented on what a great job they were doing and I have to agree!
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