This Animated Skeleton Dog Will Scare Off Any Unwelcome Guests This Halloween

There’s literally nothing I love more than decorating for holidays, and Halloween has to be one of my favorite. It’s the one time of year to get as freaky, creepy, and downright insane as possible and everyone is totally into it. I try to find as many “out there” items to put around my house, both inside and out, every year, and this year I’ve found possibly my favorite thing ever. Home Depot is selling an animated LED skeleton dog* and I’ve literally never wanted anything more.

This will definitely freak people out. This battery-operated LED skeleton dog (the AAA batteries are included, which is even better!) has creepy red eyes that light up and makes some scary sound effects that will make anyone who comes knocking run away in terror instead. I’m into it!

You could say he’s “bad to the bone.” I mean, I’m going to, anyway. The dog is 12-inches tall and will stand on guard wherever you put him (though Home Depot does suggest you keep him indoors). They promise the sound effects are “authentic” as well, so try not to get too freaked out yourself!

The reviews say it all: people LOVE this thing. All 67 reviews on the Home Depot website for the Animated LED Halloween Skeleton Dog, as he’s known, are pretty much 5-star. There was only one person who complained that the dog’s barking went on too long, but even that person thought it was a fun decoration. However, another reviewer mentioned that they put chain leashes on a couple of the dogs and put them in the front yard to freak people out for Halloween. Great idea!

If you want your own skeleton dog, you can grab one on the Home Depot website. For only $19.99, you can get one of these bad boys shipped right to your door. They also offer Ship to Store if you don’t trust your delivery person and would rather pick it up yourself. Total steal either way!

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