Are You A Hot Girl? If You Have These 5 Attributes, The Answer Is Yes

Physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Women of every shape and size can, and should, be considered beautiful in their own way. But regardless of what you look like, there are certain personality traits that can only add to your appeal. Ever notice how you might not be attracted to a guy at first, but once you get to know him, he suddenly becomes irresistible? That’s because appearance can only hold your interest for so long— you need substance. Same goes for girls. Ask any guy and he’ll tell you a great personality is what keeps him around, and no matter how you look at it, these five attributes will never steer you wrong.

1. An amazing sense of humor. Whether you have impeccable comedic timing, or you have the unique ability to see the humor in every situation, being able to laugh at life is key. Crap happens, and getting all uptight about it isn’t going to make anything any easier.

Not only will your sense of humor get you through the rough times, but it makes people want to be around you. Most guys are looking for a girl who can not only make them laugh, but gets their own unique sense of humor. If you can appreciate a good fart joke, no way he’ll be able to resist you for long.

2. Unshakeable confidence. Knowing who you are and owning it is the best way to get people to take notice of you. The girl who walks into a room comfortable in her own skin is the girl that gets the most attention, because people want to know what makes her so great.

You know those girls who don’t need to rely on the approval of others in order to feel good about themselves? See how they know they are awesome no matter what anyone else thinks? It may seem easier said than done sometimes, but it is possible. When all else fails, just fake it till you make it.

3. Genuine independence. Having lunch by yourself would never faze you. Spending an entire weekend doing your own thing is actually a dream come true. You don’t need a guy by your side for every step you make, and you always bask in the glory of being single instead of desperately hoping for a boyfriend.

Some people are really good at faking independence, but on the inside they are pining for the days they have a guy to do things with. But guys like a girl who has her own life, and won’t latch onto his the first chance she gets. The hottest girls aren’t waiting for a guy to ask them out, they are living their life, and will even make a first move if the mood strikes. They wait for no one.

4. Being as open-minded as possible. We may never understand all the experiences of others, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be open to learning. Trying new things, meeting new people, and putting yourself out there is what life’s all about.

People will spot, and promptly avoid, judgmental, snobby women given the chance, but if you’re easy-going, spontaneous, and up for anything, you’ll attract more guys than you’ll know what to do with. Guys don’t want a girl who always has something negative to say, they want one who will jump at every opportunity to experience something new.

5. The ability to get along with anyone. Being good with people is a necessity in both your professional and your personal life. You want to be one of those women that can network with ease, and is completely unforgettable, because you never know when or where you could meet someone who could help you with something.

We all know the best way to meet a guy is through mutual friends, so the more people you’ve made a positive impression on, the wider your dating pool will become. You’re a catch, and if all your friends and acquaintances know it, you’ll never be single for long.

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