Are You Too Hard On Yourself? 16 Signs You Should Give Yourself A Break

Are You Too Hard On Yourself? 16 Signs You Should Give Yourself A Break ©iStock/max-kegfire

It’s good to be self-aware, but part of the process of recognizing our faults is continuing to move forward, not dwelling in the past or judging the present moment. Here are some signs you might be a little too hard on yourself and need to cut yourself some slack.

  1. You still worry about crap that went down ten years ago. Yeah, you probably could have handled that college breakup better, but you’ve dated 13 other guys since then. It’s time to move on.
  2.  Taking a day off work gives you serious anxiety. As long as you’re taking care of business, there’s no reason to work 365 days a year – you’re not a robot.
  3. Gaining five pounds is the end of the world. If you refuse to get in a bathing suit this weekend because you’re feeling fatter than last weekend, you’re too hard on yourself. Everyone’s weight fluctuates, and no one else is going to notice, anyway.
  4. You’re still hiding your tattoo. Mom and Pop probably already know anyway, and since you’re an adult, they probably don’t really care. And you really love it, so if they do care, so what?
  5. You worry that you’re not lovable. Even though technically you know that you are, because a million people love you.
  6. It’s scary for you to let people into your home for the first time. Because they might see that your bathroom isn’t spotless, and figure out that you aren’t actually perfect.
  7. Every time it doesn’t work out with a guy, your self-esteem takes a nosedive. Rejection isn’t fun, but it is a part of life. Stop for a second and think about how many people you have rejected.
  8. When you get sick, you feel like a total failure. So maybe taking some extra tequila shots last weekend didn’t exactly boost your immune system, but you had a blast and you were probably already getting sick, anyway.
  9. A critique at work can ruin your day. Or cause you silently cry in the bathroom stall. Everyone has things to work on; it’s not a flaw to be imperfect.
  10. You seriously obsess about your looks. No, your nose isn’t the reason that your ex left you, and if it was, good riddance. Stop staring at yourself in the mirror and start living your life.
  11. Your guilty conscience never quits. The restaurant is not going to hate you for canceling your dinner reservation. In fact, someone else probably wanted it.
  12. It feels like a single decision can alter your entire life. Generally not. Even if you accept a job you end up hating, you can always move on and get another one, right? You’re still you at the end of the day.
  13. You can’t stop comparing yourself to other people. It goes without saying that we can’t be anyone but ourselves…but really think about that for a minute.
  14.  You’re constantly regretting things. Whether it was not getting a joke in time to laugh with the crew or being snappy with your mom on the phone, you feel like you could always be doing better.
  15. Your successes are fleeting. Even when awesome things do happen, it doesn’t give you a lasting boost of accomplishment. You feel like it’s just luck and most people have a lot more of it.
  16. You always feel like you should be somewhere else. You always feel like you’re missing out, chose the wrong party, or should be doing something more productive. Relax! There’s only one now and you’re there.
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