‘Armed Robber’ Beaten By Cashier With 18-Inch Dildo After He Tried To Rob Sex Store

An alleged armed robber was chased out of a Russian sex shop by an ingenious cashier who beat him with an 18-inch dildo. CCTV footage shows the employee chasing the man, who entered the store with a knife, off the premises in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast, in July. However, it’s unclear if the footage is real and police haven’t revealed whether or not they’re investigating, the Daily Mail reports.

  1. There aren’t many details surrounding the incident. While the footage speaks for itself, neither the name of the saleswoman nor the store has been revealed. In addition, the “suspect” hasn’t been publicly identified and authorities haven’t come out and said that they believe the footage to be real.
  2. Assuming this is real, let’s recap the story. If you’re to believe the footage, the knife-wielding suspect entered the shop and demanded money from the till before the cashier starts chasing him off with an 18-inch, double-ended dildo. She even manages to get him out of the store by whacking him over the head with the toy.
  3. The footage has gone viral online. Ever since it was posted on the social media network VK, the video has racked up over 150,000 views. Many commenters came forward to make jokes about the situation, with one person writing: “Don’t get caught, dude, otherwise next time the rubber toy will be a leather one.”
  4. If this did legitimately happen, this is great. Either the woman has a pretty strong arm on her to cause so much damage to the guy that he abandoned his robbery, or he wasn’t a very good criminal to begin with. Likely both!
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