Army Veteran Saves Pregnant Florida Woman From Carjacking At Starbucks Drive-Thru

Army Veteran Saves Pregnant Florida Woman From Carjacking At Starbucks Drive-Thru 352 Today

When bad things are about to go down, we’d all like to think that members of the public would step in to help us, but that’s not always the case. Thankfully, army veteran Shane Spicer, 37, didn’t hesitate to spring into action when he noticed a pregnant woman about to be carjacked at a Starbucks drive-thru in Florida earlier this week.

Shane Spicer noticed the criminal was up to no good.

Talking to 352 Today, he recalled sitting in line at Starbucks awaiting his morning caffeine fix when he noticed the suspect acting strangely.

“We had literally only been awake like 25 minutes. Sitting in line and I just kind of noticed this dude sprinting up, by the look of him he was a little out of place at 11 A.M. sprinting up downtown Ocala,” he recalled.

“He ran up to the woman’s door and from that point I already knew bad things were about to happen. I was in the passenger seat and was just kind of watching, I jumped out and ran into the passenger side of [her] vehicle. At that point, I was already locked in in my pursuit of it.”

Spicer immediately got out of his car and grabbed the man, hanging onto him until police arrived.

The would-be carjacker, Michael Prouty, was a career criminal.

michael prouty mugshotOcala County Sheriff's Office

Prouty is said to have previously robbed a 7-Eleven and broken into a woman’s home before stealing her car and crashing it. That doesn’t even take into account the attempted carjacking.

Thankfully, Spicer was on hand to prevent Prouty from leaving, and bodycam footage from the Ocala Police Department show the 39-year-old suspect being held down until they could safely arrest him.

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Shane Spicer said it was his natural instinct to get involved.

Spicer did two tours in Iraq back in 2004 and 2005 and said it was his time in the military that ignited his “old instinct to help.”

“I wouldn’t have put myself in it if I didn’t feel I was going to be alright.” Spicer said. “I just hope someone would do the same thing for my family.”

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