Avengers stuntman Taraja Ramsess And 3 Of His Young Children Die In Fatal Car Crash

An experienced stuntman and three of his young children were killed in a fatal car crash on a Georgia highway. Taraja Ramsess, 41, who has worked on “Black Panther” and the “Avengers” movies (among many others) was driving on Highway 20 in DeKalb County when the accident happened on October 31. Sadly, Ramsess and his 13-year-old daughter Sundari, 10-year-old son Kisasi, and newborn daughter Fugibo all died of their injuries, WSB-TV reports.

Ramsess’ pickup truck collided with a tractor-trailer.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that Taraja Ramsess was with four of his children on Halloween night when the collision took place. It happened as Taraja took an exit ramp where the trailer was broken down in the left lane.

Taraja, Sundari, and baby Fugibo were killed immediately. Kisasi and a 3-year-old girl were taken to a local hospital, but Kisasi also passed away on Sunday, November 5. The 3-year-old girl is said to be in serious condition.

Taraja Ramsess had an incredibly successful career in Hollywood.

Over the years, he worked on more than 40 projects including major blockbusters like “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Black Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

In addition to his stung work, he also found work in the art department as a set dresser.

Following his and his children’s death, a GoFundMe was started to help his family during this difficult time. At the time of writing, more than $82,000 has been raised.

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All of those who knew Ramsess loved him and his children.

Taraja’s mother, Akili Ramsess, posted on Instagram following the tragic accident: “All who knew and met him know how special Taraja was. He had a deep capacity for love and loved his children more than all. He loved his martial arts, motorcycles and all things related to filmmaking.”

“He a very droll yet wicked sense of humor & yet could be as cornball corny as can be. Sundari, Sunny as she was called, also reflected that special light. Funny & loved to dance. Oh God! I can’t believe they’re gone!”

Even legendary filmmaker Ava Duvernay was shaken by the loss, writing on social media: “He walked like a king. And to me, always acted like one. He was a part of our crew family at ARRAY. He left us last night forever in a way that makes the hearts of all who knew him break into a million pieces.”

She added: “We’d talk about art and his family. My goodness, did he love his children. I remember one day on set, we didn’t have enough Black background actors for a key scene. I had to recruit my crew members to be on-camera.”

“Taraja was the first to say yes. Yes, I’ll do my real job and then jump into this wild scene playing a tough guy with a gun for you.”

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