Care Home Worker Recorded Herself Beating Naked, Bound Patient To Show Friends She’s Not Lazy Racine County Sheriff’s Office

Care Home Worker Recorded Herself Beating Naked, Bound Patient To Show Friends She’s Not Lazy

A Wisconsin assisted living facility employee was caught filming herself beating a bound and naked patient in a video to show her friends, court documents obtained by Law&Crime show. Aymee J. Matson, 26, reportedly filmed the incident to show her friends that she doesn’t “sit on [her] butt all day.”

It’s unclear who alerted police to the “disturbing video.” However, a press release from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office say they learned of it on January 11, 2011. The video showed a woman, later identified as Matson, abusing the male patient, who was said to have “diminished mental capacity.” The press release read: “Investigators obtained a copy of the video which shows a female party kicking the male party in his hand and head repeatedly until the male party falls to the ground. The male party, who suffers from a diminished mental capacity, is seen on the video completely nude with his ankles bound.”

Aymee J. Matson appeared in court on Monday. Judge Robert Repischak oversaw the hearing at Racine County Circuit Court, where Matson pleaded guilty to all charges against her. That included one charge of intentionally abusing a patient causing bodily harm, one count of false imprisonment, and one count of capturing an intimate representation.

Her guilty plea was part of an arrangement with prosecutors. While she initially pleaded not guilty to all charges, a plea deal was later struck which allowed her to plead guilty to the three felony charges rather than the 16 criminal counts that were originally against her. However, all 16 charges will reportedly be read in court.

She gave a ridiculous excuse for taking the video. In an interview with police, Matson eventually said she did take the videos, but for a good reason. “Matson admitted to the assault and to placing the restraints on the male victim, against company policy and procedure,” the press release stated. “Matson, when interviewed by investigators, stated that she sent the video to prove to her friends that her work is difficult and that she does ‘not sit on my butt all day.'”

Aymee J. Matson faces up to 22 years in state prison. Ultimately, it will be up to the judge to decide her sentence, but should she receive the maximum, she’ll be behind bars for a very long time. Hopefully, that’s exactly what happened.

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