How People Who Have Never Been Through A Bad Breakup See The World Differently

Going through a bad breakup — and I meanbad,as in crying yourself to sleep for weeks and overhauling your entire plan for life — changes you. It’s like it does something to you psychologically and distorts your worldview, and you come out of it a totally different person, albeit a more jaded, cynical one.

Unless someone you love has betrayed you or broken your heart, you probably still have a pretty positive view of the world and the people in it. In fact, some people might even call you naive. If you’ve never had your heart broken before, you might agree with the following:

  1. People are trustworthy.It’s kind of like being innocent until proven guilty. If you’ve never been hurt by someone, you assume you can trust them unless they give you a reason not to. Makes sense, right?
  2. Wrong. Once you’ve seen what some people are capable of, you stop blindly trusting everyone, and it becomes more the opposite: guilty until proven innocent.
  3. If you’re a good person, good things will come to you.And why shouldn’t they? If you’re good to someone, you expect it in return, because that’s just how it’s always been. Show someone love and care for them, and they will reciprocate.
  4. Wrong. Karma is actually a total bitch, and she doesn’t care how good a person you are. You can be a saint and bad things can still happen to you. That’s just how the real world works.
  5. Life isn’t that hard.In fact, it’s downright swell. You have an almost perfect life, with a great job, amazing boyfriend who loves you, and a supportive family.
  6. Wrong. Life is hard, and the world can be one evil son of a bitch. The one person who you thought loved you above all else just broke your heart, and your life went from nearly perfect to complete hell over the course of about five minutes.
  7. Most people are nice.Most people are sincere and have good intentions, and they’ll put you before themselves.
  8. Wrong. People are kind of out for themselves usually. It’s rare to come across someone who’s actually looking out for you and who cares enough about you to put you before them.
  9. Jealousy makes zero sense.Why should you be jealous when he told you there’s nothing to worry about? You completely trust him and everything he says, because he’s a nice guy and he would never lie to you. No one has ever really lied to you before…
  10. Wrong. People do lie, and cheat, and steal. All the time. You just don’t realize it until it happens to you or you see it happen to someone else you love.
  11. You can handle anything the world throws at you.Right now, you feel indestructible. There’s no one on the planet who can bring you down.
  12. Wrong A broken heart is probably one of the worst feelings in the world, and if you’ve never felt that before, you don’t really know how you’ll handle it, do you?
Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.