Bartender Shuts Down Customer Who Asked For ‘No Ice’ To Get More Alcohol In Drink

Everything is getting more expensive, and that includes alcohol. If you’re going to shell out $10 or more on a cocktail, you hope to get plenty of booze in your drink to make it worth your while. That doesn’t always happen, which is why some customers have come up with tricks to get more for less. However, one bartender divided opinion lately when she shut down a customer who asked for “no ice” in their drink, thinking they’d get more alcohol.

TikToker Jemima June posted a video of herself at work. At one point, a customer asked for “Tequila cranberry, no ice.” As she poured the drink, that’s when the customer asked for no ice. However, she was quick to point out that, “Just because you say ‘no ice,’ that doesn’t mean you’re going to get more alcohol.”

She went on to say that there was only one way to get more alcohol. “Double. That means you’re going to get more alcohol,” she informed the customer.


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Jemima didn’t think she was doing anything wrong. After all, alcohol in cocktails is always measured out pretty exactly. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you get ice or not. No ice would just mean more of whatever juice or mixer you chose, not more booze.

However, many people took issue with how Jemima handled the customer’s request since she automatically assumed the customer was trying to scam the bar.

“My coworker said he asked for less ice, knowing he wasn’t going to get more alcohol, and the bartender was so rude. He just wanted no ice,” one person wrote. Another wrote, “I just hate super cold drinks.” A third added: “What if his throat hurts and that’s why he’s asking for no ice [sic].” A fourth person, who claimed to work as a bartender, said she should have just made the drink and not given a lecture.

Of course, there were plenty of people who came to Jemima’s defense. “The people pressed in the comments about this would NEVER survive as a bartender. This is so accurate,” one supporter wrote. Another said: “Bro thought he was pulling a fast one.”

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