Bartender Tells Customers Who Aren’t Tipping 40% To Get Out Of Bar

Bartenders have a hard job. Not only are they pulled from pillar to post by customers wanting drinks (and getting increasingly wasted and often belligerent throughout the night), but they also have to deal with some who are terrible tippers. Throwing your bartender a couple of bucks for making you a good cocktail is the least patrons can do, but one bartender was filmed telling customers to “get the f*ck out” if they weren’t tipping at least 40%.

TikToker Jordan (@jsauce527) filmed an unnamed bartender at a spot in Rockford, Illinois, making an announcement to all customers at the bar: “If you’re not f*cking the bartenders, tipping 40%, get the f*ck out of the bar. It is 2 o’clock and I’m ready to go the f*ck home.”

But the bartender didn’t stop there. They walked the length of the bar, waving patrons out. Of course, the customers didn’t seem to pay them much mind. Instead, they kept drinking, though some did have an incredulous look on their faces. Many likely thought it was a joke because who really says that?


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The clip quickly went viral, with a heated debate taking place in the comments section over whether or not the bartender was justified in telling customers to get out if they weren’t leaving a decent tip. There’s been a lot of discussion about tipping culture lately, of course, and no one can really agree on the right answer (though most agree you should be leaving a service worker something decent).

One commenter said that the bartender’s rant would have basically destroyed their chance of getting any extra money at all, saying, “I’d leave no tip after that.” Another quipped, “You want me to pay your rent as well?

However, others pointed out that bartenders are known for being sassy and having big personalities, with one person writing, “These comments ain’t it, some of y’all shouldn’t do the bar scene if y’all are gonna be this precious about it. Half the fun is the bartender.”

A third person said that the bartender clearly didn’t expect to receive such a high tip, explaining, “Everyone saying 40% is ridiculous… that’s the point.. they want you to leave.”

Another person said that it’s likely everyone at the bar was a regular anyway, and the bartender’s comment was just good-natured banter for customers who always hang out too long before closing.

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