Woman Slams ‘Tipping Culture’ After She Was Asked To Leave Tip On $17 Smoothie

Tipping is a major part of American consumer culture, and while the principles behind it are kinda messed up, it’s just what you do. You don’t punish underpaid service workers for their sh***y corporate overlords. However, many would agree that tipping culture is getting a little out of control, with companies asking for a little extra where it’s not warranted. That’s why TikToker @luckyangie kicked off after being asked to leave a tip on a $17 smoothie.

In a video that now has more than 500,000 views, Angie happily enjoyed her pricey smoothie. However, she placed text over the video which read: “Just paid $17 for a smoothie and an extra $1.35 for a Stevia packet and they had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to tip. Um ma’am I’m all cleaned out today.” She captioned the clip: “Tipping culture needs to chill.”

Is tipping culture getting out of control?


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While it seems reasonable to tip someone who’s actually providing a service for you, such as a taxi driver or a waiter at a sit-down restaurant, handing over a tip on your morning Starbucks (or in this case, smoothie) seems a little over-the-top to many. However, Angie’s comments section was divided.

Many claimed that Angie clearly isn’t hurting for money since she could afford $17 for a smoothie in the first place.

“If you got the $17, you can throw in an extra $2,” one person wrote. Another added: “I always tip. It’s a thank you. Especially if someone is taking the time to make you a drink.” A third person said: “My rule is that if I pay over $6 for a drink, I tip too. The extra dollar clearly doesn’t mean all that much lol.”

However, others saw Angie’s side and thought that since the drink was so expensive, there should be no pressure to tip. “I usually tip at Starbucks, but if the drink is over $7, I won’t,” one commenter shared. Another simply said, “I never tip at drink places.” Angie herself even took to the comments, saying, “If I have to go order and pick up my own food at a window, I am not tipping you.”

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