This Beagle-Shaped Airbnb Is A Dog Lover’s Dream & It’s Booking Up Fast

Airbnb is a serious bacon-saver. When you’re visiting another city, especially one in which hotels are always booked up/super expensive, having an apartment, house, or even a random room to stay in that’s nice and cozy is such a relief. Even better if when you get to stay somewhere kitschy, and this beagle-shaped Airbnb in Idado totally fits the bill.

  1. It’s called the Dog Bark Park Inn. Located in the town of Cottonwood, Idaho, this giant, beagle-shaped Airbnb is in a rural part of the state, meaning it’s a good place to enjoy some fresh air and peace and quiet during your stay.
  2. It’s comfy, spacious, and has all the amenities you need. I mean, the inside could literally just be a bunch of broken down cardboard boxes on the floor and I’d love staying inside a giant beagle, but that’s not the case with the Dog Bark Park Inn. The place is big enough for 4 guests and the house itself boasts 2 bedrooms, a bathroom (of course), AC, free wifi, and more.
  3. It’s decorated with doggy memorabilia throughout. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, be prepared to experience some adorable doggy decorations inside the property as well. You might never want to leave!
  4. The owners of the space are artists, if that wasn’t clear. The beagle house was designed by and is owned by Dennis & Frances who also have an artist’s shop nearby the property for you to stop into when you have time. Given their impressive creation, you’ll likely have tons to talk about with them!
  5. It’s quiet in Cottonwood but there’s still plenty to do. According to the Airbnb listing for the property, Dog Bark Park Inn offers expansive views of prairie grain fields and surrounding mountains” that are “spectacular at any time of year. From the second story deck on clear nights, the starry sky garden is equally impressive. The famed Hells Canyon Gorge of the Snake River is nearby inviting visitors to explore it via jet boat tours spring through fall. Or explore Nez Perce native history and culture at interpretive sites and towns nearby.” Awesome!
  6. Unfortunately, it’s booked up through next summer already… You won’t be able to stay at the Dog Bark Park Inn until at least summer 2020, which means you’ll need to be quick at securing a reservation for anytime after that. Something tells me this place is only going to get more and more popular…

[H/T Pretty52]

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