How To Become The Woman He’d Never Want To Be Without

Gone are the days when the way to a man’s heart was cooking his favorite meals and catering to his every whim. Guys are complicated people too and they’re selective about the kind of woman they want to commit to. Lucky for you, being that amazing girlfriend they can’t let go of isn’t exactly rocket science.

  1. Be self-sufficient. Nobody likes a pest or a burden. No matter how much of a big spender a guy is, he is going to start seeing you as a leech if all you do is make him pay for stuff for you. Financial independence is an incredibly attractive quality. Even if he’s perfectly happy to do most of the financial heavy lifting, you should be able to reciprocate every now and then. You’re not the only one who likes being pampered.
  2. Make him feel good about himself. Most women don’t know that men also want to be appreciated and showered with attention. Compliment him regularly. Let him know you see him, appreciate his presence and the wonderful things he does for you. Knowing that you value him will give him is a serious ego trip.
  3. Be willing to try new experiences. It’s perfectly OK to be an introvert or someone who is anxious about doing new things, but you have to try to switch it up sometimes. The more new experiences that you try with him, the closer he’ll feel to you. Even when you’re not around or when things are tough, he can still replay the memories and be reminded of how happy you make him.
  4. Have a strong sense of self. Is there anything more desirable than a woman who knows who she is and wears that badge proudly? Men love women who are confident and able to hold opinions of their own. Being willing to change everything you are to fit into his life is a move that reeks of desperation and lack of self-esteem. Try something new for a change and develop an actual personality.
  5. Be supportive without coddling him. Everyone loves having someone who’s in their corner who has their back when things get shaky. The way to become the woman he doesn’t want to live without is by being loving, affectionate, empathetic, and ready to offer honest opinions about stuff.
  6. Have your own life outside of the relationship. The last thing a man wants is a woman whose happiness depends on him. It’s just too much pressure. A guy will want to be around you more if he knows that you are already satisfied with your life and do not necessarily need him. If you’re the kind of woman who falls off the map and abandons all her friends and connections every time you’re in a relationship, you need to ditch that behavior. It’s pathetic.
  7. Be a good conversationalist. Seriously, a guy who is happy opening up and confiding in you is a guy who is going to want to keep you around, so he can continue doing that. Talk to him about stuff, be it random stories from your life or serious topics, and really listen to what he has to say. It’ll make him feel like he can relax and let go with you.
  8. Be great at being by yourself. If you’re not happy, content, or able to love yourself when you’re single or alone, that baggage is just going to weigh down anyone you’re with. If he understands that having you in his life is a gift and not a burning need, he’s going to cherish being around you. He’ll think twice about messing up what you have because he knows that you can snap your finger can make him disappear.
  9. Take an interest in his passions. I find that people find joy in talking about the things that they love doing or are just interested in. Even if you don’t find it interesting or consider it worth doing, taking an interest in the things he like will make him appreciate you more.
  10. Work on your sex game. Whether we like it or not, sex is a huge deal in relationships. You don’t need to have an “anything and everything goes” policy in the bedroom, but you should be willing to bring some spice under the sheets. Only misogynistic guys want women who are completely naive and lacking in passion when it comes to sex.
  11. Put in effort to make him happy. I’m a big fan of giving and showing love in relationships. I’m the most happy when my partner is happy, so I’m always thinking of ways I can put a smile on his face. It something as little as buying them a small present or surprising them with a romantic date.
  12. Be the most attractive version of yourself. Don’t underestimate how far your physical appearance will take you. No one is saying you should look a certain way that might make you uncomfortable. Just be yourself and look your best when you can. You’ll feel great about yourself and he won’t get tired of looking at you.
  13. Demand that he does all these things for you. Relationships are a two-way street and you should never go out of your way to be the ideal partner for a guy who’s not offering all of those wonderful qualities right back. If he doesn’t, chuck him. You deserve the best and any guy who’s worth your time will love the fact that you know it.
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