Don’t Mistake Kindness For Weakness — Give Nice Guys A Chance

Don’t get it twisted — kindness and weakness are not one in the same. There’s no such thing as “too nice.” What it means is, “too forgiving” or “too passive” or really “too weak.” Guys who are typically pegged as “nice guys” are often tossed aside because they might not possess the heartless ego that’s so often proudly worn by the “bad boy.” But nice guys should never be written off as weak — they’re actually really strong..

Nice Guys Are Humble. 

The ability to remain humble in a world that’s so self-involved is a truly rare quality, and it requires strength to keep such a level head. Nice guys know their potential and their good qualities, but they’re also open to learn, improve and become better human beings. If that’s not the sexiest quality ever, I don’t know what is.

Nice Guys Make the Effort. 

When a guy is willing to do what it takes to make you happy, that’s not weakness. Effort isn’t easy, and nice guys place importance on the happiness of those around them. It takes work, and nice guys are eager to dig in and get it done.

Nice Guys Are Feminists. 

It takes a strong man (and a nice man) to fight for gender equality. How do I know all male feminists are nice? Because the jerks are the ones still clinging to the idea that women should be seen and not heard, and that “feminism” is a label made exclusively for rebellious, naggy women. Nice guys get it though, and they embrace it, wholeheartedly.

Nice Guys Are Selfless. 

It’s easy to be selfish, which is why weak men lean into it and think of nothing but themselves at all times. Selflessness, however, requires a blend of kindness and generosity that bleeds into every aspect of life. So in the bedroom, the nice guy will be the one happily going down on you and making sure your needs are met, whereas the jerk will do as little as possible for you until you let him get off.

Nice Guys Are Smart. 

It takes a nice, open-minded guy to admit that he hasn’t become an expert on everything in his young life. That’s a behavior reserved for crappy, garbage people. Nice guys know there’s more to learn and more people to learn from. They’re open to knowledge, and that added knowledge will lead to power and success.

Nice Guys Work Hard. 

Nice guys know that looks fade, fame is temporary and wealth can be wiped out any second. They don’t expect anything to be handed to them and they work hard for everything. They are emotionally and mentally balanced and they have goals. Yes, there are many jerks that also work hard, but the nice ones are the ones who work hard and continue to stay humble. That’s the difference.

Nice Guys Are Not Easily Intimidated. 

They’re happy to see you succeed, and they’re not threatened by that success. You inspire them to be better men. They want an equal partnership with you, not one with BS traditional roles.

Nice Guys Are the Ones Who Win, Always. 

Arrogant, weak men get left behind and ultimately forgotten. The nice guys are the strong ones. You will find them at the finish line, smiling, cheering you on and just waiting for you to see them for all that they are. So open your eyes.

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