Things You Should Know Before Dating A Pisces

Things You Should Know Before Dating A Pisces ©iStock/ gpointstudio

Pisces women, like all water signs, have a lot of emotional traits that make us desirable as friends and lovers. Unfortunately for us, though, hook-up culture is destroying our sensitive, loving hearts. We wish, just once, someone would see our passion as the positive thing it is, rather than a reason to run from us and find someone who just wants to hook up. We have a lot of characteristics that make us the perfect woman to keep around forever.

  1. We’re the most compassionate souls you’ll ever meet. If you’re having one of those terrible days when you just need a hug and to hear that someone cares about you, find a Pisces. That’s what we’re good at. Unfortunately, we often fall into the trap of being there for someone’s low points and getting ditched when that person hits a high point again. Even when that happens, if that same person asks for our help again down the road, we can’t say no to someone in need because we’re just too nice.
  2. We’re the kind of loyal ride-or-die chick every guy says he wants. Pisces women are fiercely loyal to the ones we care about, and most guys claim they want that… until they have it. Then they get scared and run because we actually expect them to be loyal in return. You can get away with more than you should, but when we hit our breaking point and we’re done with you, we’re not coming back. If you’re wise, you’ll appreciate the inner beauty of the Pisces and love her in return, ensuring that you’ll have an unfailing support system for life.
  3. We’re creative and adaptable. When life gets tough, get a Pisces. We’re great people to have around for life because we’re good at coming up with creative solutions to work through life’s problems. Everyone needs a good support system, and you can’t get better than your very own loyal, creative fish.
  4. We’ll accept you fully, imperfections and all. A Pisces won’t write you off or leave you simply for being imperfect. We understand that everyone has flaws, and we accept that your imperfections are part of what makes you…well, you. If you’ve had your heart broken by someone who was irrationally picky, you should try a Pisces next time.
  5. We tend to be mysterious and elusive, which is often seen as sexy. One of the draws of a Pisces is that you don’t really get to know us until we let you into our secret inner circle. Until then, we remain cloaked in mystery, and that’s irresistible to most. The drawback to that is, once we let you in, it means we’ve grown attached, so it hurts when you decide the mystery wasn’t worth it and you want out. We’re always hoping to meet that one person who remains enthralled with us.
  6. Our emotional highs and lows make for an interesting ride. Not everyone sees this as a positive thing, but no one wants to be bored. Pisces women do tend to go through emotional highs and lows, and we want nothing more than for someone to help us level through those times.  An added bonus of this trait is the fact that our deep emotions also translate into incredible sex when we’re feeling a real connection with you.
  7. We’re intuitive, so we’re easy to trust. When you’re talking to a Pisces, you’ll get the feeling pretty quickly that we’re trustworthy because our souls automatically connect to yours. That secure feeling is just what you want in a partner for life, so scoop that Pisces up before someone else does.
  8. We see through BS and aren’t afraid to call it out. This can be bad if you’re the perpetrator of the BS, but it’s an asset if you’re the partner of a Pisces, because we’ll help you see when others are trying to pull one over on you and be right there by your side giving you the strength to stand up for yourself.
  9. We’re nurturers and can’t help but provide for everyone we love. Everyone wants to be with the woman who provides for them because she wants to, not out of obligation. Pisces women are nurturers by nature, so you can’t do better than a fish when you’re looking for the perfect wife and future co-parent.
  10. We’re laid back and enjoy trying new things. Life is an adventure, and you need a fun partner to share it with. A Pisces woman is a good choice because life will never be dull with us, and we don’t perpetuate unnecessary drama. Buckle up for the water ride, because your personal tour guide fish will be there to make sure your life is as awesome as it can possibly be.
Anna Martin Yonk is a freelance writer and blogger in sunny North Carolina. She loves hanging out with her goofy husband and two rescue dogs and can be found at the beach with a drink in hand whenever possible. You can find her on Instagram @mrsyonkdogmom or on her Facebook page.