‘Bed Rotting’ Is The Wellness Craze We Should All Be Trying

When you hear the term “bed rotting,” it probably doesn’t conjure positive images. However, this wellness craze taking over Gen Z is one that people of all ages can learn from and benefit from. In essence, young people have coined the term to describe one of their favorite practices: laying in bed for much of the day doing absolutely nothing.

If the thought fills you with dread, you’re not alone. Those of us with high-functioning anxiety (🙋‍♀️ guilty as charged!) know all too well that we need to be up and moving rather than wasting the day away in bed. The idea of lounging around and not accomplishing anything or crossing anything off our to-do list is enough to give us a coronary. However, that’s exactly why bed rotting is so alluring and so necessary: It forces us to slow down and just exist a bit.


“it’s called depression” ya i’m aware babes xx

♬ Born With A Broken Heart – Olivia O’Brien

While most people partake in bed rotting only when they’re sick, Gen Z wants this trend to become an anyone, anywhere, at any time thing. A TikTok hashtag for the trend has nearly 300 million views, showing just how popular the idea of truly chillaxin’ to the max (sorry, I’m dating myself here) truly is. In the Western world especially, we’re raised to believe that we constantly need to be moving, doing, and achieving. The fear of falling behind or missing out means that we barely ever take a breath and check in with ourselves. It’s no wonder 70% of people say they’ve experienced burnout. Enough is enough! Bed rotting just may be the antidote.

So, what exactly does bed rotting entail? That’s totally up to you. There’s no one way to partake in the wellness practice — it’s all about what feels best to you. What relaxes you and makes you feel at peace? Maybe it’s reading a book. Perhaps it’s marathoning a Netflix series or listening to music. It might even be that you just want a bit of time to sit with your own thoughts and stare out the window for a while. Whatever activity it is that centers you and de-stresses you, that works here.



♬ Better Off Alone – Alice DJ

Of course, there is one minor caveat: Bed rotting is only helpful if done in moderation. As licensed therapist Nikki Leanza, LPCC-S, explains, it’s all about balance. “Bed rotting can be helpful when you’re just needing to relax and decompress your brain, but it’s all about balance. If you’re spending weeks in bed or even several days in a row in bed, not healthy, guys, so make sure you balance it. If you’re finding yourself bed rotting for several days going into weeks, I think we might be looking at a different issue.”

So there you have it!

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