Reminder: Being Romantic Doesn’t Make You Weak

Reminder: Being Romantic Doesn’t Make You Weak ©iStock/Sjale

Romance used to be part and parcel of falling in love and being in a relationship. In today’s world, however, a romantic woman is sometimes thought of as weak and needy or just plain unrealistic. Obviously that’s not the case — you can want to be swept off your feet and still be a strong, badass independent woman. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Men and women alike shouldn’t be afraid to be romantic, because it says some pretty great things about who you are as a person:

  1. It makes you brave. When you’re not afraid of putting your feelings on the line even when there’s a possibility of rejection, that’s pretty courageous. It’s a scary thing to let someone in so much that you aren’t afraid to show how much you care. That’s bravery, not weakness (and there’s nothing more romantic than that).
  2. It means you have standards. If he pulls his chair out for you at a restaurant, opens the car door or simply holds your hand in public, you’ll know he treats you with respect. If a man fails to see this, and instead sees a “needy” woman, he doesn’t deserve you.
  3. It shows you’re secure in your feelings. When you’re confident in your feelings and sure of yourself, then you’re more than happy to express those feelings to others. Saying “I love you” when you mean it, showing him that you love him, and making it known he’s on your mind doesn’t make you weak in the slightest, but actually shows just how self-assured you are because you don’t care what anyone else thinks.
  4. It means you’re incredibly strong. A woman who settles for nothing less than the best has the strength to say no to men she’s not interested in and let go of relationships that don’t make her happy. She doesn’t waste time with a man who doesn’t respect and cherish her, no matter how deep the relationship. No romance, no chance.
  5. It’ll probably get you (and him) laid consistently. This is so obvious. A man who puts forth the effort to show a romantic display of affection will probably put forth the effort in the sack and when a woman knows this, she wants it just as much as he does. Guys are a bit more amenable to sex even without the romance sometimes, but it doesn’t mean the effort isn’t noticed and it doesn’t totally turn him on.
  6. A romantic couple is a sturdy couple. There’s nothing that tightens the bonds of love in a relationship than continuously showing the other person how much you care about. You both appreciate it, you both feel special, and you’re both spending more time smiling than frowning.
Kasandra Lynn is a freelance writer and blogger living in a small town. She is an aspiring novelist with a BA in English, has completed 2 novels, writes for multiple non-profit organizations and gets her blog,, published in a weekly column for her local newspaper.