The Best Parts Of Sleeping Next To Someone You Love

We love to complain about our partners in bed. Whether they’re hogging the covers, keeping us up, or snoring too loud, there’s many times we’d rather sleep alone. But it can also be pretty awesome having someone sleep next to you. Like every scenario, there are pros and cons. It’s easy to complain about all his annoying habits, but sometimes we forget about all the things we love about having our boyfriends share our beds.

Falling asleep in someone’s arms.

Snuggling up in someone’s arms and falling asleep is one of the best feelings in the world. You feel safe, secure and loved. You fall asleep fast and sleep easy. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Morning cuddles.

Even better than falling asleep beside someone is the feeling of waking up next to them too. As long as you can get over the morning breath, curling up in your boyfriend’s arms is the best way to start your day.

Body heat.

Those cold winter nights are so much better when someone is lying next to you. You never have to worry about cold feet and you can sleep naked without freezing your buns off. When your boyfriend’s sharing your bed with you, you never wake up in the middle of the night because you’re cold. And your mornings are always nice and toasty.

Massages before bed.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, your boyfriend is massaging you in bed before you fall asleep. After a long day, there’s nothing like crawling into bed to a relaxing massage. Your day’s stress seems to disappear and you can fall asleep with a clear mind. If you’ve been sitting at a desk all day, this is exactly what you need.

They may notice things you don’t.

Ever had someone tell you that you snore or grind your teeth in your sleep? If no one slept beside you, you’d probably never know these things. Snoring, for example, can be an early sign of all kinds of health issues. When your partner makes you aware of what you do in your sleep, you’re one step closer to getting it checked out and potentially avoiding something more serious down the road.

You’re more productive.

Chances are, you wake up around the same time the person lying next to you does. If he’s an early riser, you won’t waste your whole morning sleeping in. The last thing you want to do is make the guy you’re dating think you’re lazy. And you know you’ll feel worse if you stay in bed while he’s being all productive. So you get up with him and surprise yourself with all the things you can get done before 10am.

You have an excuse to spend all day in bed.

OK, so maybe your boyfriend sleeps until noon — but hey, at least you have a pretty good excuse to be lazy and stay in bed past breakfast. For some reason, you always feel less guilty about staying in bed late on a Sunday morning when there’s someone else beside you doing the same thing.

It’s good for your health.

We often forget just how important a good night’s sleep is when it comes to our health. Sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy body weight, keeping our immune system strong and just feeling better in general. Studies have actually proven that women who sleep with someone fall asleep quicker and wake up less often during the night.

You feel safe.

When you’re lying there with your boyfriend’s arms wrapped around you, you can’t help but feel safe. You know that nothing can hurt you when he’s around. If you’re living on your own, you probably panic at every sound you hear outside. As a woman living by herself, it’s common to worry at night. But when your boyfriend’s sleeping over, you know everything will be just fine.

It’s good for your relationship.

Sleeping with someone boosts your levels of the love hormone, oxytocin. This ‘happy chemical’ is key for maintaining intimate, healthy relationships and is connected to feelings of love, trust and affection. Oxycotin has been linked to strengthening bonds, so it’s no wonder you feel more connected to your partner when you sleep with them.

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