These Birthdate Candles Come With A Tailor-Made Scent For Your Specific Birthday

Whether or not you’re into astrology, chances are you do feel some connection to your birthday, even if it’s only because, well, it’s your day. I’m all about stuff that’s supposedly tailored to the day I came into the world, which is why the idea of Birthdate Candles was so appealing to me. Maybe it’s obvious from the name, but they’re candles made specifically for your birthday, which is super cool!

Yes, they have 365 different candles. The cool thing about Birthdate Candles is it’s not just based on the month. There’s a candle available for every single day of the year so that you can get the one that’s right for your exact day.

So what’s it all about? According to the product website, candles are created by combining aspects of astrology, numerology, and tarot in order to “unlock the secrets of your personality.” From there, they come up with a candle that’s “carefully designed to enliven your spirit.” For instance, my birthday, April 6, is a mix of mint, geranium, and cedarwood that will apparently “stir the soul.” I’m with it!

Even if it doesn’t “work,” who doesn’t like good smells? I’m not sure that Birthdate Candles are there to serve a specific purpose beyond being somewhat of a novelty product and providing a nice smell. As long as they do that, I’m here for it. I’m not expecting miracles here, people!

Want one? You can order them online. Head over to the Birthdate Candles website to look for your birthday and you can order online. The 13.5 oz. candles have a burn time of 60 to 80 hours, which is a pretty solid deal. Plus, they’re currently on sale for $38 (down from $48) and would make a great gift if you know anyone with a birthday or other gift-giving celebration coming up. Awesome, right?

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