13 Bitchy Comments You Shouldn’t Be Offended By

13 Bitchy Comments You Shouldn’t Be Offended By ©iStock/Rohappy

People can be extremely judgey and rude for no reason at all. Worse than that, some are passive aggressive and give us backhanded compliments that are actually thinly veiled insults. Most of these bitchy comments are rooted in jealousy and have no bearing on reality, but that’s not always easy to remember in the moment. Instead of letting it get to you, try to take the following bitchy comments as compliments the next time some jerk utters them:

  1. “You’re such a bitch.” Why, thank you for noticing that I’m not a weak-willed pansy who will let people walk all over me! I know what I want and I plan to get it, and that’s amazing.
  2. “You’re too quiet.” I prefer calculatingly contemplative. I don’t speak unless I have something worthwhile to see, which is something other people should try more often. Besides, who can get a word in with all of your sh*t-talking?
  3. Wow, you date a lot.” I can’t help that droves of men find me irresistible and that I’m not willing to settle for the first guy who shows interest. I do have standards, after all.
  4. “You drink a lot of wine.” Wine is delicious and heart-healthy. Want a glass?
  5. “You’re really wearing that?” That’s what it looks like, doesn’t it? There’s no accounting for taste, so just because yours doesn’t line up with mine doesn’t mean this isn’t a totally amazing outfit.
  6. “You’re way too emotional.” That’s because I have feelings and I care. Maybe I should stop caring so much? I’ll start with not caring about this conversation.
  7. “You’re so skinny — you can probably eat whatever you want and not gain a pound.” I didn’t design my body, I was given it. Skinny-shaming is not cool, and there’s no reason you should ever be commenting on someone else’s body unless they ask you (which will likely never happen).
  8. “You’re so curvy.” So basically, you’re reminding me I have big boobs or a big butt? Thanks for that.
  9. “Why don’t you ever smile?”  It’s called resting bitch face. Ever heard of it? I tend to reserve my smiles for when there’s something to smile about instead of walking around like a zombie with one plastered on my face at all times.
  10. “A pretty girl like you? Why are you still single?” Because I choose to be — damn! Now back off, you’re killing my vibe.
  11. “You’d be so much prettier without all that makeup.” I like makeup, and I feel good wearing it. Again, there’s literally zero reason for you to comment on anyone else’s appearance unless you’re asked, so zip it.
  12. “OMG, you’ve lost so much weight! You look amazing now.” Could you be more shallow? There are a million better ways to comment on my weight loss. I looked amazing before, too, and I didn’t need your validation to feel that way.
  13. “You could do so much better [than your boyfriend].” Maybe I can and maybe I can’t, but I think he’s pretty frickin’ awesome. Oh, and… I didn’t ask you.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314