Blush Succulents Are The Prettiest Pink Plants You’ll Ever See

If you’re not very good at keeping plants alive but you really love the look of them, succulents are pretty much your best choice. They’re easy to care for since they don’t need much watering (or anything else, for that matter) and they’re beautiful to boot. And to take things up a notch, blush succulents are a thing and they’re the prettiest, pinkest plants ever.

blush succulentsEtsy/Walawalastudio

They’re just so magical! Whether you’re considering a succulent bouquet for your upcoming wedding or you just love a super-feminine color palette for your living room, bedroom, etc., blush succulents have it all. They’re somewhat muted and not at all garish but they make a wonderful addition to any space.

They actually change colors over time. The great thing about blush succulents is that they’re never just one shade of pink. While they start as a baby pink color, over time they turn into a dustier, almost greyish pink that’s equally as pretty.

You can grow your own in no time! Seeds for the blush succulent, also known as Echeveria Laui, on Etsy for $5.50. That gets you 10 seeds, which is enough for plenty of beautiful plants. They’re summer growers and need germination temperatures of between 60F and 80F. Oh, and be aware that they’re extremely slow-growing so it will take a number of years before it reaches its full height of about 6 inches.

You can even buy blush succulents that are already grown. If you’re a little too lazy to wait for your plant to grow from seed, you can buy them pre-grown for re-planting at home through the same Etsy seller here. Note that they do seem to be out of stock at the moment, but that’s probably because they’re not yet in season. Keep your eyes peeled for when they are so you can grab yours!

If you love pink, blush succulents are for you. Bottom line, these are super pretty and make you happy just looking at them (at least they do me!) and I’ll take all of that I can get right now. I love all succulents and have plenty of them, but adding a few pink ones is definitely on my to-do list this year.

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