If Your Boyfriend Does Any Of These Things, He’s Crazy About You

Besides sex, there are certain things that great boyfriends do for you in a relationship to make you feel like you really are, as Rihanna said, “the only girl in the world” and show that they’re seriously crazy about you — and that’s how it should be. If your guy does any of these things, he’s got it bad for you in the best possible way:

  1. He says you’re beautiful first thing in the morning. Even though your hair is everywhere, you’ve got morning dust in the corner of your eyes and not an ounce of make-up on your face, he still looks at you and tells you you’re beautiful. Despite feeling anything but, you just know he sincerely means it and it makes you feel beautiful when you’d least expect to.
  2. He always checks in. He’ll send you a good morning text and a good night one every single day without fail. Even if you’re not together, he makes sure he reminds you that he’s still only a phone call away. When he wants to know how you are, he actually — gasp! — calls you on the phone instead of sending thoughtless one-word texts.
  3. He randomly picks up your favorite treat for you. Insert calorific food item here. Whether it’s your favorite chocolate bar, donut, or wedge of cheese. he remembers your preferred junk food and he’ll surprise you with it out of the blue. He lets you know he is always thinking about you, even in the tiniest of moments. He also doesn’t care at all when you mention being on a diet; he loves you just the way you are.
  4. He’s always a gentleman. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known him one month or five years, he still wants to be your knight in shining armor. He opens doors for you, gives you his jacket when you’re cold, takes heavy things from you and carries them, and he walks on the near side of the pavement to protect you. There’s nothing more adorable than a man still wanting to do all of those little things for you once the honeymoon phase has come and gone.
  5. He cooks you breakfast in the morning. Dinner is lovely, but it has a bad rep of being a romantic act that more often than not results in sex. Breakfast, on the other hand, comes with no strings attached. It’s never planned and he doesn’t have to do it. The thing is, he wants to, and that makes you feel so cared for. Sometimes women are just like guys – the way to your heart can also be found through your stomach!
  6. He gets jealous when another guy hits on you. Not in an overbearing, possessive kinda way but in a “you’re my girl and it pisses me off thinking about another guy hitting on you, especially if he knows you have a boyfriend” kinda way. Admit it — you like when he gets a little jealous every once in a while.
  7. When you have a problem, he listens and tries to solve it with you. If he listens when you’re telling him good news, that’s great, but what’s even better is when he’s more than happy to listen to your bad news. There will be ups and downs in every relationship – neither of you will be in a fantastic mood 100% of the time, and that’s life. When he listens to your problems and works through them with you, it’s because he hates seeing you upset or down and he wants more than anything to make it better. That’s real love right there.
  8. He’s often spontaneously affectionate. Think of all the times he comes up and hugs you from behind. This is like spooning but standing up… right? Apart from physically feeling AMAZING, it catches you off guard like a random act of kindness, and is highly likely to involve neck kisses – it’s a win-win situation all-around.
  9. He makes a genuine effort to get to know your family and friends. You know what they say – you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family, and that goes for your partner’s family too. And while he accepts that he probably won’t love everyone quite as much as you do, he understands that they’re a big part of your life, so he always makes time for them in his. He knows that it’s important to you that your loved ones know and like him, so it’s important to him too.
  10. He supports you and your dreams. If you’re nervous before a big meeting, he calms you down. If you’re having an off day, he reminds you how strong and capable he has seen you be. And when you dream big, instead of saying it’s impossible like most people inevitably will, he encourages you to dream even bigger. He believes in you, always.
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