Bride Marries Toothless Groom In Wedding Gone Terribly Wrong

A Cincinnati-based couple’s wedding day didn’t go quite as planned after the groom busted his lip open and lost his front tooth in a biking accident. Adelia Killian, 25, and Connor, 29, were excited about tying the knot in Nantucket, Massachusetts in September 2021. However, their dream day nearly turned into a nightmare when Connor was hurt.

  1. Adelia got a call from her frantic fiance the day after they arrived in Cape Cod. Connor revealed he’d flipped over the handlebars of a bike while out riding and hit the pavement so hard, his front tooth was knocked out and he required 28 stitches.
  2. She worried she might have to cancel the wedding. Adelia told SWNS (via NY Post) that when she received the call, she thought for a minute that the wedding was off. However, Connor wasn’t going to let that happen. “He looked so beat up and his lip was all torn. But he convinced me that we should still go ahead,” she said.
  3. Connor was lucky he wasn’t hurt even more seriously. As Adelia recalled, she rushed to the hospital after receiving the call from Conor and couldn’t believe the state he was in. “He had a face mask on at first and when he took it off, he looked so beat up. His lip was so cut he couldn’t drink anything,” she explained. “I thought it was all too traumatic and we should cancel the wedding, but Connor reassured me that we’d planned it all now.”
  4. The groom kept a pretty good sense of humor about it. While he must have been in serious pain, Connor was upbeat after the accident. “He just laughed and said, ‘Hey honey, I look like Stu from The Hangover,'” Adelia recalls him saying.
  5. The wedding went ahead with a few modifications. Because Connor wasn’t going to be able to have his tooth replaced until after the wedding, the photographer took pics from the side of his face so that his injuries couldn’t be seen. As it turns out, the day was still absolutely perfect and the couple has no regrets.

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