Bridesmaid Horrified By Dress Friend’s Groom Picked For Her To Wear At Wedding

A bridesmaid was shocked and mortified after her friend’s husband-to-be picked out an overly revealing dress for her to wear to the wedding. The woman, who posts on TikTok as @ig_pilyplum96, wore the garment for her followers, saying: “So my best friend let her fiancé pick the bridesmaid dresses.”


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  1. The problem was immediately evident. The bridesmaid admittedly has 34GG boobs, and while she’s not ashamed of them, she wouldn’t necessarily choose to have them on show so predominantly at her friend’s wedding. I mean, this is ridiculous — she looks more like some horny guy’s milkmaid fantasy than a bridesmaid!
  2. Some people thought the dress was too casual. As if that was the biggest problem here, one person wrote: “Most casual bridesmaid dress I’ve ever seen. I’d go to the shop in that.” Another added: “You look lovely in it but it’s not what I’d imagine for a bridesmaid dress.”
  3. Others had some helpful tips to make the dress less revealing. Trying to see the bright side, oen person suggested she wear “a blue vest underneath or something,” while a second jokingly suggested that she “‘add a matching blue corset over it. then a pirate sword and some cool boots.” However, the bridesmaid responded that she doesn’t like attention and wouldn’t want to draw any to herself.
  4. Of course, the woman could refuse to wear the dress. As one commenter pointed out, no one can force the bridesmaid to wear that dress. “Your comfort is paramount. If you’re not comfortable in it you’re perfectly within your right to veto the dress,” they wrote. Good point! It remains to be seen whether or not she’ll go through with the groom’s chosen dress or if things will be changed before the ceremony.
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