Britney Spears’ Father Finally Files To End Her Conservatorship

Britney Spears has been under an unethical conservatorship for the past 13 years, with her father Jamie Spears fighting tooth and nail to keep control of the singer’s finances (and taking a hefty cut for himself). However, James P. Spears has finally filed a petition on Tuesday asking the court to “now seriously consider whether this conservatorship is no longer required,” the New York Times reports.

This is a major turnaround for Jamie Spears. Britney has been seeking her freedom for years but has pursued it much more aggressively in recent months. And while Jamie recently said he would eventually step aside as the head of the conservatorship, he insisted he would wait until there was an “orderly transition to a new conservator.” The fact that he’s now admitting the conservatorship is not needed is a major change.

Britney Spears has described the conservatorship as “abusive.” And she’s not wrong. Imagine being told you’re well enough to put on a Las Vegas concert residency, have multiple endorsement deals, and work your butt off 24/7 to make millions of dollars… but not well enough to have any control of what to do with that money. It’s always been a ridiculous argument and still is.

Jamie Spears’ lawyers have defended his new filing. His lawyer, Vivian Lee Thoreen, said in a statement: “As Mr. Spears has said again and again, all he wants is what is best for his daughter. If Ms. Spears wants to terminate the conservatorship and believes that she can handle her own life, Mr. Spears believes that she should get that chance.” She further said that lately Britney has “demonstrated a level of independence that calls into question whether a conservatorship of the person is required.”

Britney’s lawyer, Mathew S. Rosengart, thinks it’s finally a step in the right direction and vindication for his client. “To the extent Mr. Spears believes he can try to avoid accountability and justice, including sitting for a sworn deposition and answering other discovery under oath, he is incorrect and our investigation into financial mismanagement and other issues will continue,” he said.

The next hearing is scheduled for September 29. Here’s hoping this conservatorship is done for good.

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