Britney Spears Hits Back At Claims She Was ‘Speaking Gibberish’ At Restaurant

Britney Spears Hits Back At Claims She Was ‘Speaking Gibberish’ At Restaurant Instagram/Britney Spears

Britney Spears has taken to Instagram to hit back at claims that she was “speaking gibberish” and behaving erratically at an LA restaurant. The singer was out with husband Sam Agshari at JOEY in Woodland Hills on Friday, January 13 when fans’ intrusive response to her presence seemed to set her off. As they repeatedly shoved their phone cameras in her face to film Spears on her date, she tried to hide behind the menu and eventually began to lose her cool.

According to reports, Asghari eventually got fed up with the charade and left a “manic” Britney Spears behind at the restaurant with her bodyguard. They followed Asghari soon after, though the bodyguard did reportedly return to pay the bill, per TMZ.

Asghari has responded to the reports in a cryptic manner, simply posting “Don’t believe everything you read online” in an Instagram Story. However, Spears decided to take a more direct response to the haters.

Britney Spears had something to say about her alleged behavior at the restaurant


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Spears began a series of posts by sharing an image by artist Melisa Illustrations. It showed a woman sitting cross-legged at a cafe table with sunglasses on. The text “They told me I couldn’t, that’s why I did” appeared above. Spears captioned the photo, “I have no idea what this is but it looked pretty cool to me.”

However, she soon took things up a notch. She shared a video of herself dancing in front of the camera in a mini dress. In the clip, she makes a heart with her hands. She then gives the camera the middle finger. She didn’t caption the video and comments have been disabled. It’s likely the post will be deleted shortly, as many of her posts often are. However, that tells us what she thinks of the press reports.

While she may or may not have been acting erratically at the restaurant, Britney Spears has been constantly harassed and harangued over the years, not just by the press but by so-called fans. Looks like the “leave Britney alone” campaigners need to take a look at their own behavior.

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