California Man Sues Psychic Who Claimed She Could Remove Curse Placed On Him By His Ex

A California man is suing a psychic from Los Angeles for fraud after he alleges she claimed he could remove a witch’s curse placed on him by his ex-girlfriend if he paid her $5,100. Mauro Restrepo found Sophia Adams’ website via a Google search. She listed herself as a “Ph.D. Life Coach” and “psychic love coach,” the City News Service in Los Angeles reports (via Fox News). Sadly, she didn’t deliver as promised and now Restrepo wants to be paid back.

  1. Restrepo believed that Adams was qualified to do what she promised. The lawsuit, filed in the Torrance Superior Court, stated: “This made plaintiff more confident that he was speaking with a professional that could help him.” That turned out not to be the case.
  2. To be fair, he didn’t even know he had a curse put on him. But that’s what Adams told him was the case when he visited her office in Palos Verdes Estates for a tarot card reading. She claimed he had “mala suerte” or “bad luck” put on him by his ex-girlfriend via a curse-casting witch.
  3. If he didn’t pay up, he’d be in trouble. Adams went on to claim that Restrepo’s entire family would be “unhappy and in danger” unless she was able to remove the curse for the small price of $5,100. He paid her $1k up front, but she “did not in any way help (his) marriage.”
  4. Restrepo wants $25,000 for his troubles. He may have only paid her a little over a grand, but Restrepo said he suffered anxiety and sleepless nights due to Adams’ claims and is suing her for intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress as well as negligence with civil conspiracy. In return, he wants $25,000 in damages.
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