Can You Handle A Weekend Away With Your Boyfriend Without Wanting To Kill Him?

You’ve only been together a few weeks or months, and suddenly he wants to go away for the weekend. Should you go? Is your relationship already at that point? Trying to figure out if you’re ready for a weekend getaway together can be torture. It’s a big decision and there’s no set time frame for when it’s the right time. Don’t let it stress you out. If you’re ready, you’ll have that gut feeling. If you’re not, just tell him. Any guy worth keeping will understand. Besides, a weekend vacation could damage your relationship if you go too early. Think it through and do what feels right for you and your relationship.

  1. How well do you really know him? Even if you’ve been together for six months, you might not feel like you know him well enough to spend an entire weekend together, hours away from anyone you know. Maybe the two of you were more into sex than talking and don’t know much more beyond that. Wait to travel until you truly feel comfortable around him and feel like you can trust him.
  2. Is it exclusive or not? I’ve seen so many women change their Facebook status to “in a relationship,” only to get pissed when their guy doesn’t. Why didn’t he? He didn’t know they were exclusive. Make sure you’re actually in a relationship before traveling. It’s perfectly okay to ask for clarification first.
  3. Are you ready for him to see the real you? You can’t keep perfect hair and makeup for the entire weekend. He’s going to see how you look when you’re at home in your sweats. There’s no running away if you do something embarrassing. If you don’t care about any of this, then you just might be ready to travel.
  4. How anxious are you? Take some time alone and think about how you actually feel. Are you excited about going? Are you stressed and anxious? If the thought of going away for the weekend leaves you feeling like there’s a giant knot tightening in your stomach, it might be best to wait a little.
  5. Have you had a fight yet? A few days might not seem like much, but do you know how many things could go wrong? You might miss your flight or the car might run out of gas. You might not agree on what to do while you’re gone. You don’t want your first fight to be during what’s supposed to be a happy vacation. Make sure you can handle stressful situations together without it turning into a shouting match.
  6. How long have you been together? Some couples just know and they’re ready to get away in just a few weeks. For others, it takes longer. Obviously, the longer you’ve been together, the more comfortable you’ll be spending an intimate weekend together.
  7. Can you agree on a destination? If you can’t even agree on where to go for the weekend, you’re definitely not ready. If it only takes a few minutes for the two of you to make a decision, you’re more likely to actually enjoy and look forward to the trip.
  8. Do you share any interests? I don’t care what they say about opposites attract. If you don’t share any interests, your weekend getaway is going to be a disaster. Why? It’s likely only going to be about one or the other’s interests. One of you is going to be bored and probably annoyed.
  9. Have you had sex yet? It’s not a requirement to have sex before you travel or even during the weekend trip. It’s something the two of you need to talk about. If you haven’t slept together yet, make sure you’re both comfortable with the sleeping arrangements or you’re okay having your first time during the trip. Just remember, there’s no quick escape if the sex is terrible or awkward.
  10. Have you spent more than a few dates together? Yes, you need to have spent more than a few dinner dates together before traveling. It’s dangerous to plan to spend a weekend with a guy you’ve barely talked to. You don’t even know him that well. Wait until you’ve managed to spend more than a few hours together before going off for the weekend.
  11. How far are you going? Closer trips are best for new couples. They’re less stressful. Rushing around trying to catch planes or spending half your time crammed in a car is just asking for trouble. Pick a bed and breakfast in a nearby city. Remember, your first weekend together doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.
  12. Is sharing a bathroom okay? Are you ready for him to know what you really do in the bathroom? Are you ready for what he does? If you’re sharing a room, there’s only one bathroom. The odds are, you’re going to both be in there at some point. It’s an entirely new level of intimacy that’s not always pleasant.
  13. Would you rather have others along? Wishing your best friend and her boyfriend could come along is a good sign you’re not ready to spend the entire weekend alone with your new guy. That’s okay. Going away with another couple is a good way to take the pressure off and work your way up to a solo vacation later.

Don’t rush into a weekend getaway. It’s not like the two of you can’t spend time together without spending the night in a hotel. Wait until you’re really ready to make sure you actually enjoy yourself.

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