You Can Buy Pickle Juice In A Can, If That’s Your Thing

Pickles are one of those foods that people either love or they hate, though I feel like more people enjoy them than not, hence the proliferation of pickle-flavored foods that aren’t actually pickles. Well, if you’re a true lover of the sour snack, you might be interested to know that canned pickle juice is a thing and that you can buy it online.

  1. It’s called Gordy’s Fine Brine. Gordy’s Pickle Jar is a Washington, D.C. based business known for making delicious small-batch pickles and pickle-related treats like relish and cherry pepper spread. However, they’re really changing the game with Gordy’s Fine Brine, which is literally pure pickle juice.
  2. If you’re someone who drinks pickle juice from the jar, this is for you. Granted, I definitely don’t love pickles enough to enjoy the juice too, but I have friends who do and they love this stuff. A whole can full of pickle juice? It sounds a bit hellish to me but to hardcore pickle lovers, it’s probably more like heaven.
  3. Technically speaking, it’s meant for cocktail making. Gordy’s isn’t actually directing customers to drink their canned pickle juice like they’re sipping on a Diet Coke. In reality, you could just add a splash or two of this to a number of cocktail creations for a bit more of a subtle flavor. That being said, no one can stop you from drinking it straight, you crazy creature.
  4. So what does it taste like? I mean yes, pickle juice tastes like pickle juice, but company founder Sarah Gordon told Tasting Table that Gordy’s Fine Brine is a bit more refined than that. “It’s literally a burst of acid and flavor all in one that brightens cocktails and dishes in a very subtle, balanced way,” she explained. “It rounds out cocktails and cooking recipes similar to how a pinch of salt does.”
  5. You can even buy it online. Gordy’s canned pickle juice comes in 4-packs and is available for $18 via the Gordy’s website if this sounds like something you can’t live another day without. At the moment, the juice is up for pre-order and is due to ship on February 20, so order yours here today.
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