Confession: I Can’t Date Someone Unattractive Even If They Have A Great Personality

While I can appreciate a bit of personality, I’m also a sucker for outward appearances. I want to be able to look at the guy I’m dating and be turned on immediately. Physical beauty is very important to me and while I know it sounds vain, I won’t apologize for liking what I like.

  1. I don’t want to be with someone I feel like I settled for. Most times, we accept the love we think we deserve. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’m a damn good catch and I want to be with someone who is as close to that as possible. I want a love I feel worthy of and that’s worthy of me. It’s not too much to ask for a boyfriend whose face genuinely pleases me and brightens up my day before he even does anything.
  2. My boyfriend needs to complement me. A relationship is about finding someone who blends with you as smoothly as possible. The person I choose to date needs to make me look better, not worse. Not just in the looks department—they have to be able to match me intellectually, emotionally, and financially as well to a great extent. It’d take away the pressure to shrink myself even a little bit so it fits around them better. I want to loud, bright, and fabulous. I’d feel better if the person I’m with feels that way too.
  3. I want someone who puts work into their looks. When a guy cares about how he looks, I find that super attractive. Miss me with the lotion-hating, throw-on-the-first-shirt-I-can-grab-and-head-out kind of man. There’s nothing feminine about making an effort with your appearance. I want a boyfriend who knows what sunscreen is and uses it, who works out, shows up in public looking dapper – a man who knows he is attractive and is not afraid to show it.
  4. I’m a showoff. I’m the girl who loves to show off her guy. I embrace my vanity and I want to world to see how good I have it. For so long, I bought into society’s idea that women shouldn’t show too much of themselves to avoid intimidating men or being seen as proud but I’m done trying to hide my light under a bushel. I like putting my life all up in people’s faces. The person I’m dating is going to be a part of that too, so it’s important that he’s primed to play the part.
  5. PDA feels better when we’re both hot. Seriously, I’m not asking for a man who could win Mr. America or slip into a GQ cover like he was born there. He doesn’t have to be out of this world beautiful, he just shouldn’t be unattractive. It’s OK if he’s only somewhat handsome as long as he’s easy on the eyes. Anything below that is not my cup of tea. I don’t want to be showing PDA and getting confusing stares.
  6. Men are generally disappointing anyway so he might as well look good. Ugly or handsome, men are a tough pill to swallow, so I’d rather pitch my tent with one whose facial features don’t completely repulse me. I imagine getting cheated on would feel terrible, but getting cheated on by a man who is the human equivalent of soggy bread would feel five times worse and I refuse to play myself like that. No unattractive guys allowed, period.
  7. I love it when other people find my partner desirable. You know that warm sugary feeling you get when you wear a great outfit or a gorgeous car and everyone can’t stop staring? Well, I like to feel that way about the person I’m with too. It’s flattering and it reaffirms my choice of mate. I don’t want a boyfriend that no one else wants.
  8. It’d be too easy to let myself go that way. One of my biggest issues with dating an unattractive person is how comfortable it can make you. You no longer feel the need to try anymore because you know they can’t even believe they landed someone like you. That’s a risk not worth taking even if he has a great personality. I don’t want to look in the mirror one day and not be able to recognize myself because I stopped working out and taking my beauty routine seriously since my boyfriend is going to mind if I look like a crumpled towel anyway.
  9. Hot guys are a great self-esteem boost. When you’re dating a good-looking guy, his hotness rubs off on you too and takes your own attractiveness to another level. The heady confidence the relationship fills you with will work wonders for your self-esteem. You’ll feel on top of the world and love every minute of it.
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