Is Your Career Ruining Your Love Life? 10 Signs Your Job Is Keeping You Single

Working hard to build an amazing career in your 20s and 30s is worth it, but if you’d like to eventually get into a long-term relationship, dating shouldn’t fall totally by the wayside during that time. You should be able to find a work-life balance where you can thrive at work and enjoy time outside of the office as well. Not there yet? Here are 10 ways to tell that your career might be ruining your love life:

  1. You’ve lost touch with people. You’ve been bailing on your social circle week after week because you’re either too tired from work or too busy still working to make it to happy hour. Purposefully or not, you’ve ended up ghosting every guy you’ve started talking to because your mind is always stuck on work. A great way to meet new people is to spend time out on the town. If you’re not being social, you’re losing some potential chances at finding something.
  2. You tell yourself you don’t have time to date right now. Your career is important, and that’s okay. Still, sacrificing finding love because you’re too focused on your job is not okay. You might be super successful in your career, but before you know it, you’re going to be 45 years old with 3 cats, single and looking for a relationship. Lose the excuses — plenty of women make it work. You can work on your time management skills and find a work-life balance where you have time for both your career and a relationship.
  3. You leave social events to fix work problems. If you find yourself dipping out early on parties and happy hours to go back to the office, you’re totally ignoring your love life. It’s great that you work hard and are available when emergencies come up, but if you’re not the boss or if it’s not in your job description, you really shouldn’t be sacrificing your own time to put out fires.
  4. You’ve stopped putting effort into your appearance. If you find yourself wearing the same pants two days in a row, wearing your hair in a bun every day of the week, and skipping showers and opting for a deodorant and body mist replacement — you need an intervention. Just because you’re a work horse doesn’t mean you should completely abandon your personal hygiene and appearance. Besides, week-old hair and a wrinkly outfit is not the best way to make a good first impression if you happen to meet someone.
  5. You work late almost every night of the week. The 9-to-5 schedule means nothing to you. You’re in the office early in the morning and stick around well after work hours to make sure you’re getting everything’s done and ready to go. You’re an over-achiever and you have a goal for your future, so it’s okay to work hard for what you want. However, you’re not allowing yourself to have any “me” time to relax and focus what else you’ve got going on in your life (if there’s even room for anything else).
  6. You’re eating way too much take-out. Spending those late hours at the office mean you have very little time to cook your own meals or meet up for dinner. In turn, this means you’re eating a lot of take-out, which is not only lazy but also not the healthiest option. It also means that you’re just spending more and more time alone.
  7. You work on weekends. Weekends are for unwinding, hanging out with your friends, and for going on dates! If you’re skipping plans and bailing on friends to stay ahead at work, you’re choosing to miss out on relationships. You can have a lot of fun on the weekends if you’re not having tunnel vision for what’s happening at work. Make sure to take these days off to prevent getting burned out and to open up some time to meet new people.
  8. You never take your time off. Taking your vacation days at work is so important for your well-being. It gives you a chance to reboot your system and get away from the grind for a few days. Your time off can also be spent with friends and family or meeting someone new. If you’re not taking your time off, you’re taking your job just a little too seriously — and no doubt neglecting other important things in your life.
  9. You’re losing sleep over work issues. If you often find yourself wide awake all hours of the night and early morning because you’re thinking about work and can’t shut your brain off – it’s a sign that your career is taking over your life. It’s okay that you’re young and trying to get ahead in your career but a lack of sleep can cause some serious issues. Not to mention, you’ll want to spend all of your free time catching up on sleep instead of going out and enjoying life.
  10. You can’t have a conversation that isn’t about your job. When do you finally make time to go out and socialize, you’re that friend who won’t stop talking about work. Not many people will be able to relate unless they work with you or are in the same field. If they’re not, people will lose interest in the conversation really quickly. You should try to take a step back from the hustle and bustle and spend your free time out talking about something, anything, other than work.
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