You Can Carry Your Dog Around Like A Baby With This Pet Sling

I love my dog to the point of obsession. I sing to him constantly, cuddle with him for ages on the couch and in bed, and force love on him even when he clearly wants me to leave him alone. He’s a terrier so he has a mind of his own, but I’m still tempted to try and stuff him in this amazing pet sling so I can carry him with me wherever I go.

  1. It’s like a baby sling but for dogs! Obviously this won’t work for a great dane or other large breed dogs, but if you have a small to medium size dog, this pet sling does hold up to 12 pounds. The creator of the sling, OrgMemory, does mention that 3 to 10 lb dogs are ideal, so this may not be right for your pup.
  2. It’s machine washable, which is always a good thing. I don’t know about you, but my dog reeks. He just smells like… dog. Considering that you might put your pup into the pet sling with mucky paws or after he’s been rolling in God knows what in the grass like mine does at every available opportunity, it’s good to know that this is made of soft cotton that can be popped in the wash when necessary.
  3. It has an adjustable shoulder strap. Everyone is a different height/size and so are dogs, so the OrgMemory pet sling has an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can make sure it’s most comfortable for both of you.
  4. It’s great for nervous dogs. If you have a small dog that often feels vulnerable when out and about, sticking them in the pet sling could help them feel safe and secure.
  5. You can even put cats in it! There’s no law saying this has to specifically be a dog harness. If you have a cat that doesn’t mind being handled/cuddled close to you at all times, sure, why not put them in the pet sling and carry them around? Many of the reviewers who bought the product on Amazon say their kitty loves it!
  6. They come in three different patterns. While the slings themselves are all navy blue, there are three fabric patterns for what lines the inside/the edge of the sling. There’s blue plaid, red plaid, or blue sea with a little seashell design, so you can pick which one you like best. For $20, it’s a steal! You can order yours HERE.

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