Cheez-Its & Wine Are Teaming Up—What A Time To Be Alive & Snacking!

Cheez-Its & Wine Are Teaming Up—What A Time To Be Alive & Snacking! The Kellogg Company

Wine and cheese aren’t exactly a new pairing—they just naturally go together. The high fat and protein content of cheese perfectly balances with the tannins in the wine and when combined, they create absolute magic. However, this combo has now been taken to a whole new level since Cheez-Its and House Wine have teamed up.

  1. The $25 box is all you need for a great night. The Kellogg Company, which owns Cheez-Its, joined forces with House Wine for a limited edition box that contains a box of the cheesy crackers and a bottle of red. A drink and a snack are all you need for an amazing night, so this is the perfect combination.
  2. It’s limited edition, so you’ll need to act quickly. The House Wine website will be selling a limited number of the boxes starting at 5 p.m. EST on Thursday, July 25th, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to grab one of them. There’s no word on just how many will be on sale or when they’ll stop selling, but I wouldn’t take the chance of missing out.
  3. Cheez-Its is just giving consumers what they want. According to Cheez-It’s marketing director Jeff Deloni, this idea didn’t just spring out of nowhere—people have been combining the crackers with bottles of vino for a while now and they just wanted to make things official. “Fans on social media … have already been participating in pairing wine with Cheez-It flavors for years. So we’re excited to deliver on that specific consumer trend,” he told CNN.
  4. Admit it, it’s kind of genius. Sure, you could probably buy your own bottle of wine and box of Cheez-Its for way less than $25—hitting up Trader Joe’s for some two-buck chuck means you can probably get about five bottles of wine and at least three or four boxes of Cheez-Its for that price tag—but if you’re into novelty items, this is kinda the perfect thing. Plus, it’d make a great housewarming gift or gift to bring to a party. You’ll definitely be the most popular person in attendance.

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