Chef Dies After Falling Into Boiling Vat Of Chicken Soup

A chef in Iraq has reportedly died after he fell into a giant pot of boiling chicken soup. According to Gulf News, the 25-year-old victim, who worked in the northern district of Zakho, slipped and fell into the pot, suffering third-degree burns to more than 70% of his body. Sadly, his injuries were too severe to survive.

  1. The man was immediately rushed to a hospital in Dohuk. He received treatment for his burns, but several days later, his condition continued to deteriorate and he eventually passed away.
  2. It happened during what should have been a happy event. The unnamed victim was said to have been preparing dinner for the guests of a wedding party at Hazel wedding hall according to local health and security authorities. However, work pressure and poor organization is said to have contributed to his unfortunate accident. The giant pot of soup was said to have been on the floor at the time.
  3. The local community is calling for a review of procedures in the industry. The Kurdish and Iraqi communities at large has felt the grief of the man’s death and have urged for more preventive measures to be put into place in restaurants and kitchens.
  4. The man leaves behind a wife and children. He said to be a father of three kids, the youngest of which is a 6-month old baby.
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