Christopher Mintz-Plasse Was Still A Virgin When Filming Superbad Sex Scene

Christopher Mintz-Plasse Was Still A Virgin When Filming Superbad Sex Scene Sony Pictures

Despite being released more than 15 years ago, “Superbad” remains one of the most classic comedies. Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse all gave hilarious performances that everyone will remember forever. But here’s something you probably didn’t know: Mintz-Plasse was actually still a virgin when filming his “Superbad” sex scene. That kind of makes it even funnier!

  1. If you’ve never seen “Superbad,” you’re missing out. The movie is about two high school seniors who want to leave school behind with the most epic graduation party ever. They plan to get totally wasted and actually lose their virginity before the night is through. Of course, things don’t really end up as they’d have hoped.
  2. It was McLovin who was the real star of the only “Superbad” sex scene. Fogell being the one to get lucky was completely unexpected, but it was also pretty funny. And given that Mintz-Plasse, who played the iconic character, was only 17 at the time of filming, his mom had to be there to watch the whole thing. Yikes!
  3. As it turns out, Mintz-Plasse had a lot in common with his character. In a 2021 interview on “The Rich Eisen Show,” the actor, now 33, confirmed that his mom had to watch him get busy on camera, which he found “weird” and “uncomfortable.” Doing a sex scene is awkward under the best circumstances, but knowing his mom was there on the “Superbad” set is a whole other level of cringe. (Though A+ for safety of the actors, of course.)
  4. Mintz-Plasse was a virgin just like McLovin. As he explained, the whole situation was particularly nerve-racking as he hadn’t had sex in real life either. “I was very nervous, very scared, and then I look over to Video Village [the nickname given to the area around the monitor on set] and my mum is eating a handful of popcorn talking to the producers,” he recalled. However, he added that his mom “was having the time of her life.” Make of that what you will!

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