Coffee Mate Is Making An M&Ms Creamer To Turn Your Morning Brew Into Dessert

Coffee Mate Is Making An M&Ms Creamer To Turn Your Morning Brew Into Dessert Coffee Mate

While my main purpose of downing my morning cup of coffee is generally to wake up and get a bit of energy, I can’t lie and say I don’t enjoy it when it tastes extra nice. I’m not always into sweet coffee, but when I am, I like to go all-out, and now that Coffee Mate is selling M&M’s creamer, it looks like caffeine just got more dessert-like.

  1. Coffee Mate isn’t the first to get extra sweet. Don’t forget, we’ve already had s’mores creamers and Elf-inspired additions to our morning coffee, so Coffee Mate really is just getting on board with an already established trend. I’m not complaining, of course!
  2. We’re going with original M&M’s here. If you’re wondering what flavor M&M’s are going into the new Coffee Mate creamer, think the original, which is a total classic. That means there will be no extra flavors like peanut butter, salty pretzels, toffee, etc.
  3. Sadly, it’s not out just yet. Coffee Mate has confirmed that M&M’s-flavored creamer is on the way, but we’ll still have to wait a bit for it since the release date is set at January 2021. Maybe it’s a harbinger of a better year ahead since 2020 has been so terrible? Here’s hoping!
  4. I love M&M’s, so I’m totally into this. Will it be in every single cup of coffee I drink? I mean, I’m not saying it won’t be. Either way, it’ll be a tasty treat to add in every once in a while, especially when I’m in the mood for that extra candy kick without the extra sugar.

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