Why Confident Women Make The Best Girlfriends

Why Confident Women Make The Best Girlfriends ©iStock/bagi1998

Confidence is something women look for in a guy, and any guy worth dating looks for the same thing in a woman. A confident woman might be single for longer, but that’s only because she refuses to settle since she knows she has a lot to offer. Here’s why confident women make the best girlfriends:

  1. They don’t need a lot of attention to be happy. A confident women doesn’t need constant reassurance in the form of attention from her boyfriend. She’s low maintenance in the best kind of way because she doesn’t need validation that someone else thinks she’s great to know she’s great.
  2. They’re in the relationship because they want to be. Being confident means she never needs a boyfriend in order to be happy. So if she’s with someone it’s because she genuinely wants to be, and she’s willing to put in the effort to make it work.
  3. They have a life outside of their relationship. Confident women aren’t just confident in relationships, they’re also confident in maintaining friendships and building their career. That means they have a lot going on and they’re never boring.
  4. They know they have a lot to offer. A confident woman isn’t sitting around waiting or a guy to give her value. She’s focusing on loving herself first because she knows that’s what will attract the guys who appreciate everything she has to offer.
  5. They aren’t afraid to call a guy out for crappy behavior. A confident woman isn’t going to put up with any disrespect, and she’s only going to date guys who know that. She probably has a reputation for turning decent boyfriends into great boyfriends, because she makes them want to be better.
  6. They are self-reliant. A confident woman can take care of herself, and she isn’t looking for a guy to support her. That also means she can handle supporting her boyfriend when he needs it, because unexpected things happen, and she values being there for each other.
  7. They have no time for jealousy. You’ll never see a confident woman flying off the handle over irrational jealousy. She knows she can’t stop a guy from cheating if that’s what he wants to do, but she’s also secure enough to know if it does happen, she’ll still be fine.
  8. They never lose themselves in a relationship. After awhile a lot of couples realize they aren’t individuals anymore because they’ve melded into one collective “we”. A confident woman is too sure of who she is to ever let that happen. She likes having interests separate from her boyfriend, and will always prioritize keeping it that way.
  9. They aren’t shy in bed. That means she’ll get completely naked with the lights on and try anything once without worrying what she looks like too much. We all have insecurities, but a confident woman won’t let them hold her back from having great sex.
  10. They can admit when they’re wrong. Even if it’s rare, a confident woman is comfortable admitting when she’s made a mistake. She may be confident, but she’s not illogically cocky, and she knows how to keep her ego in check.
  11. They don’t try to manipulate people. She’s confident enough in who she is that she’d never dream of tricking someone into liking her. If a guy doesn’t like the fact that she’s not really into sports, he’s not right for her anyway, and she’d never try to force something that wasn’t working.
  12. They choose guys who are worth their time. Confident women know what they’re looking for and they aren’t afraid to go after it. That means if she’s dating someone, he must be a pretty awesome catch too, because she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t.
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