Conspiracy Theorists Claim Governments Are Making Mosquitos To Spy On People

People believe all kinds of bizarre things, but this one really does take the case. Apparently, there’s a conspiracy theory going around that governments around the world are manufacturing their own mosquitos to spy on normal, everyday citizens. How and why? Well, that’s not part of their logic.


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  1. TikToker Liam Dixon shed light on the theory. In a recent video, he discussed a few of the strangest conspiracy theories going around re: government surveillance, and the mosquito one is definitely up there. It seems like Dixon can see it for what it is — total nonsense. However, he did want to give viewers a chance to sound off.
  2. So, what’s this mosquito conspiracy, then? In essence, it all started with a guy on social media (as always). The unnamed man claimed to have found a mosquito with the number 38 printed on its back. Then, the next day, he found another mosquito with a different number on it. Given that you can barely see a mosquito’s body, let alone anything printed on it, this does beggar belief.
  3. Could the government be using mosquito drones to spy on us? Some people think so. A few people posited that the man in the original video might just be doing his own experiments and he put the numbers on the mosquitos himself. However, others wondered if the insects were really bots sent out by the government to keep an eye on us all.
  4. It’s sort of like the pigeon theory. Dixon pointed out how much this theory sounds like the one people have about pigeons. If you’ve never heard that one, it’s pretty similar. The government “makes” pigeons to spy on regular citizens. When large numbers of birds drop dead right out of the sky, that’s a sign of technology gone wrong. Dixon added: “People believe this is due to the government having technical difficulties and that the Covid lockdowns were to keep everybody inside so that the government can go out and replace and change all the pigeons.”

What will people come up with next?!

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