Cookies & Creme Twix Is Here To Become Your New Favorite Candy Bar

Cookies & Creme Twix Is Here To Become Your New Favorite Candy Bar Mars, Inc.

Twix have always been one of my favorite candy bars, and in my opinion also one of the most underrated. The crunchy cookie base along with the caramel layer and that chocolatey coating just creates the most delicious treat ever… or so I thought. Now that Cookies & Creme Twix have hit stores nationwide, I think I have a new favorite.

  1. Cookies & Creme everything is the best, right? It’s one of my favorite ice cream flavors, Oreos are delicious, and there’s basically never been anything cookies & creme (or cookies & cream) flavored that isn’t delectable. Combining it with a Twix bar? Genius!
  2. It could finally get Twix the credit they deserve. As Michelle Deignan, brand director of Twix at Mars Wrigley, said in a statement, “Twix Cookies & Creme pairs one of America’s most popular cookie flavors with its most popular cookie bar, creating a crave-worthy treat that appeals to loyal Twix fans and welcomes new consumers to the brand.” In other words, even if you never paid Twix much attention before, Cookies & Creme just might change all that.
  3. They’re even coming out with shoes. Wait, what? Yes, Twix is working with the Shoe Surgeon, AKA Dominic Ciambrone, to create custom Jordans with Cookies & Creme Twix motifs. “Our sneaker collaboration brings our new flavor to life in a fresh, unexpected way, one that celebrates the relevance of cookies & creme within sneaker culture and the left and right roots of our brand,” Deignan explained. Strange, but OK!
  4. The flavor is now available nationwide. Head to your local shop to pick up some Cookies & Creme Twix at the earliest opportunity because seriously, these things are delicious. It’s everything you love about Twix and about the classic cookies and cream flavor combined into one treat and it’s everything you could ever want in a candy bar.
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